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    Found 6 results

    1. I was wondering what are on people's todo lists before Drieghan is release in < 2 months. Finishing World of Knowledge III (300 energy) via node completeion of Media Exploring a few islands I've always missed zipping about smh'ing Readjusting node/worker setup Valencia Part 2 Story What are other people working on ?
    2. Hello all, This is to inform the community that the Black Desert Online forums have moved! These forums are now part of a new group that can be found inside the 'Game Chapters' section of the forums which is located under 'Groups' on the forums. This is below the community logo at the top of the forums. Ztuke (Speaking for the Admin Team)
    3. if anyone is interested in giving Black Desert Online a shot I have some unused guest passes. If you join feel free to message any of us for CoTP for any help or advice. MPV9VIH-CCENRKJ-FSNJ0R0-JMNRH QQ4NDQ1-BB589MC-3H913A3-5841H ML606I0-4GSULFC-Q9QQPTI-NBHD6 LPP33I5-J5C1EUT-37VLHAN-ML314 11AB917-2OTQPH9-O6MLSOA-NU9FK 9436L2Q-RBIEV6H-317UHS0-1SPU8
    4. Fraps'ing with the new 16.5.2 AMD beta driver, one of each boss fight from last night. Audio by Mumble. Mudster Ferrid
    5. My plan is to spend ~90% of my early access leveling my Ranger, because we are gonna get picked on and I want to make a good contribution to the fights; and ~10% of my time on a housing alt: a) a tool making workshop (using purchased materials, need these ASAP and the main is making big $). Good tools mean 2 things: less inventory space per durability, & faster harvest times, so other guilds get the empty trees. b) a pet/player food cooking 'chain' (farms workshops worker housing, whole 9 yards). I want to work on my Health levels from early on. On the 3rd I'll have good energy, decent CP (mostly invested), and some experience of how to set up crafting for future stuff like Cannons, or w/e, as well as a Main that is 40+ How I'll do it: Start playing on Main character: open a Browser tab with the TEXT version of the LeveL 50 in 15 hours guide and go for it! Reminder: drop off cash at the Heidel warehouse for the housing Alt ! When the grind gets old, set an alarm (hour or so, gotta keep grinding ;p) and start the alt ! Alt: open Browser tabs with Housing Guide & Housing List, and talk to everyone ! Reminder: send (transport) tools, stirrups, food, pet food, etc to the closest warehouse to the Main Character ! note: The important bit for housing is DO NOT use the high level refinery/workshop housing areas for storage. Get lower level storage, and get more of it. In a continuous node chain, it stacks. All inclusive reminders: Log off ? only if fishing. Save all high priced drops. Always join groups (5 level spread) when grinding. Always kill non-quest bosses in full groups. Use map search when you are not sure where to go.
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