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    Found 16 results

    1. So for those in the 57-60 range, I am posting this for you. I have been leveling at Gahaz and unfortunately I don't spreadsheet like a lot of people do but these are just my thoughts and personal views. Bandits is still very good EXP​, not the best, but still very good. They are still HUMAN​ for those who don't know "Elixir of perfect Human Hunt" basically turns you into a god vs human mobs.http://bddatabase.net/us/item/671/ Low contested areas, high mob density, plenty of rotations, I have one by the cliff i adore .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tedqlDkxHSo Plenty of loot, trash drops
    2. Please post what Nodes (Grind Spots) you have leveled up and are willing to grind with other people. When I have time, I hate grinding alone, so if I'm on I am always willing to grind with people. For example I have a: Lvl 10 - Hasrah Cliff - Ancient Weapon Core http://bddatabase.net/us/item/12220/ Lvl 4 - Soldiers Grave Will add more
    3. I have been busy with work and school these few weeks. gonna take a break from BDO for around a month or so I think to get the returnee bonus. That is more worthwhile then just logging in every day to simply get the log in bonus and nothing else.
    4. This will be our First run as a Guild at hunting Blue Whales. We will be trying it on an Epheria Sailboat, but if someone has their fishing boat already geared up for them on standby that would be great. You will need to have at least 3 muskets, better to have 4-5. Also bring a Butcher knife and Hunters Salad if you have it. We will be leaving from Vellia 8pm'ish on 22 mar 2017.
    5. Hey guys and girls, I was hoping we could get enough votes to get the last fishing rank in our guild. I think we should have plenty of time to get more skill points befor the water update skills come into play. Thanks Everyone Evian
    6. So I was trying to figure out what the hidden accuracy values were for bhegs, offhands, primarys etc. I knew that the Korean players had found some through testing along with some of my fellow redditors so I went and searched and found them. I'll be listing them below. Please Note: None of this is my work and its only accurate based on the testers experiments, they are really worth a read instead of just taking my word or blindly following what one of the few articles says. However there will be a TL;DR on the bottom for you people who are too lazy to search through and read all the articles.
    7. Bellow is a reddit - google spreadsheet of prices for gear/items of Min/Max and average prices complied by a few people so far but seem accurate. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1etAfgDsCL7d2mnPFZ2qpW9c1-t6eZ0V2NstTFIYvtWQ/htmlview?sle=true#
    8. Names nick a.k.a TrapKing and I recently made the purchase of BDO to venture into the Massive MMO RPG world. This being said I'm super new at the game and because this game is so huge If there are any other New people who would like to join me in learning the game/grinding feel free to add me in game as I am a lvl 20 ranger character name Pure187. That being said thanks for the guild invite and happy gaming.
    9. Found this map on the ole Reddit, so I figured it needed to be here!
    10. So for every one like me who can't figure out when is when unless it's a digital clock in our own time zone the following link is a time zone converter: Time Zone Converter 1st enter the date and time (I always put +5 minuets so I can figure out what day when it starts dealing with midnight). 2nd Enter the time zone of the above date (UTZ/GMT) for Black Desert Server times 3rd Choose your time zone 4th Click convert time or add more cities then convert. And a link to the important dates: DO NOT MISS THE KEY DATES "26.02 | 08:00 UTC • Pre-Order will be closed 27.02 | 08:00 UTC • Name Re
    11. IMPORTANT CLOSED BETA INFO Dear Players, It is nearly time for the second Closed Beta test and we have some important updates for you. Explorer’s and Conqueror’s package holders. For those who have pre-ordered Explorer’s and Conqueror’s packages will have automatic access to the second Closed Beta Test after logging into their account. (There is no need to register again.) Here you will find instructions on how to access the client download. Don’t have a pre-order package? You can still enjoy the benefits such as early game access and exclusive items by pre-ordering Black Desert Online here
    12. Black Desert Online Releases March 3, Second Closed Beta Registration Begins February 18th Pre-orders and second closed beta You have until February 26th, 08:00 UTC to place your pre-order, if you want to benefit from the early access and special item packages. Start of the second Closed Beta sign-up. Players can register here for a chance to participate in the second and final Closed Beta Test, set to begin February 18th. Those who pre-ordered the Explorer's or Conqueror's package need not register and will be automatically granted access. To keep you occupied in the meanwhile, don't fo
    13. http://my.mmosite.com/2939211/blog/item/verything_you_need_to_know_about_mounts_inblack_desert_online.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgcoJhkAw9g#t=306
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