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Found 4 results

  1. Whether or not you celebrate it, hope you have a great day. Eat lots of food, quibble with family, and partake in some shennanigans
  2. Naked Race 2.0! Eorzea - Duh! Meet Up at FC House - Outside PRIZES GALORE!!! WHEN - Sunday April 9, 2017 7 PM EST What exactly is a naked race? As it states, we will be doing a 3 tiered race (three different races with a point system) - NAKED - no armor, no accessories, just your main hand weapon, your sprint key, and your ability to navigate tough, dangerous, and sometimes fatal, areas! - THERE WILL BE MODERATORS - Any violations to the rules will result in being disqualified!! Please DO NOT CHEAT!! Rules - Just Dab! No Armor - None just your main hand! NO NINJAS! - Run buff is cheating! NO BARD MUSIC - Run Buff CHEATER! NO MOUNTS! - FASTER RUN IS CHEATING! Have fun!!!! (discord taunting is totally OK!) Respectively of course! PRIZES!! First Place Choice of Hunting Hawk or Bullpup 500k Primal weapon OR Minion of up to 300k Second Place 250k Gil Primal Weapon or Minion up to 200k Third Place 100k Gil Choice of a minion up to 100k
  3. 5 person multiplayer multi-crew ship simulator in development but near completed. Pulsar: Lost Colony I have become addicted to this little gem. It is the most fun when you are playing with decent people who understand the game and want to succeed. There are 5 positions on the ship: Captain, Science officer, Engineer, Pilot, and weapons specialist. You work together to survive as long as you can. Different ships offer different strategies and you can buy / sell / upgrade your ship equipment to become better. as you level you gain stat points that each class can spend for special class abilities. Each game is different as the galaxy is randomly generated. I tend to be an Engineer or Science officer mostly. A typical game as an engineer has me managing reactor outputs to give the other positions what they need without over heating the core. Everyone wants power and I only have so much I can give. I also prep the warp drive and provide information to the captain on coolant and fuel levels. As an engineer I don't get to see the action so I have to rely on my captain and science officers to let me know when they need more fuel or power. I also have to notify the pilot when he is driving the ship too hard. A typical game as a science officer has me assisting the captain in course settings. Scanning upcoming sectors for information as well as researching enemies to come up with combat strategies. I also modulate the shield frequencies depending on the encounter to defend against certain types of attacks. I also protect our ship from enemy viruses as well as infect enemies with viruses to assist the pilot and the gunner. I scan planets to advise away parties and on away missions I use a hand held scanner to scan for enemy contacts, other buildings, and loot. I have not spent much time in the other roles but as a crew everyone must rely on each other in order for the team to be successful. it is very difficult to win any engagement without each person doing their part and good communication from the captain. Whoever creates the game is the captain, everyone else who joins can pick their role but you can only have 1 of each of the other classes. You can put bots in to fill in gaps but they suck. When you make the game you select your starting ship. Yes starting ship as you can disable and take over other ships and claim them as yours. This is the Intrepid: Smallest of the ships but the fastest This is the W.D. Cruiser. Has really fast firing turrets and I think it is the largest ship with the biggest shields to start. W.D. Destroyer: Strongest starting ship with the most armor and high damage turrets. My personal favorite the Star Gazer: stealth ship, lowest detection levels but slow jump drives and pretty week. There is another ship and they are adding more every update. Now I will provide you with a tour of the Stargazer. I apologize if the shots are dark but space is cold and dim. This is the main bridge. It hosts the pilot controls, science & engineering stations as well as missile control screen. Most functions can be carried out here. The Captains Quarters: It doesn't really serve a purpose (yet) but it is neat they have things like this. You will find on every ship there are enough beds for each member of the crew. Crew Lounge. Again doesn't serve a purpose but makes the ship feel more like a ship. Also has windows and is fun to run through the ship when we are under attack to get to your station and see explosions happening outside the windows. And my favorite place to hang out. Engineering. Here is the reactor core and reactor control. If we get viruses we can't get rid of or if the core over heats I can reboot the entire ship or eject the core. It also has all of my regular controls found on the bridge so I can do my job from here as well as a fuel charging station so I can provide science with extra charges if they need them at the cost of fuel. Here we are outside the ship, this is the view the pilot has. And the gunner if on a turret sees through the turret. The rest of the crew are inside manning their stations. I can't tell you how long I have wanted a game like this and while there is still much for them to add it is a lot of fun. If you are interested look me up on steam and lets get a crew going. If you are still on the fence watch these video's, these guys crack me up and it explains the game a little. Video 1:
  4. EDIT: Here is a link to a spreadsheet that has the levels/roles of everyone who has replied to thread thus far. Take a look at it if you're looking for someone to run with. Will continue to edit it as more people respond. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XGJAO29A8FyyJU839tpTRWou7twU8-0KT2qlj2fxwN8/edit?usp=sharing What up! Rampage here, just creating an awesome forum post about getting together some dungeon groups. I want to get people some fat loots, I want to get people attuned, and I want to have some FUN! For starters, I'd like to know what everyone is running for their mains. If you could post using the following format, that'd be HARDCORE! Name: Class: Role: Secondary Role: Level: Interested in raiding?: So, filled out it would look something like this: Name: RampageTk (Please use your in game name) Class: Stalker (Self Explanatory) Role: Tank (Please only select one of: Tank/DPS/Healer) Secondary Role: DPS (Please only indicate if you would ACTUALLY be willing to play it. Do not pick Tank/Healer if you don't enjoy it!) Level: 50 (Self Explanatory) Interested in raiding?: Hell f*cking YEAH! (Yes or No will also suffice) I would like to use this thread to potentially spring-board us into getting ready for raids. There is a lot of veteran dungeon running that needs to be done, and where possible, I would like to have full guild groups. BUT, this does NOT mean that you can't post here if you are under 50. If you want to run dungeons and you're not 50, look to see if anyone else has posted that isn't level 50 yet. If possible, keep your post updated with (roughly) your current level as you're working your way to 50. With this in mind, Wildstar also has a mentor program which some people may not know about. It allows anyone to mentor DOWN to a level appropriate for the dungeon. For example, Rouhet mentored down from 50 and ran Stormtalon with us as a healer, which is a level 20 dungeon. The reward for this is having lots of fun, AND getting lots of renown, which can buy you all kinds of cool stuff in Illium. And you're also helping out your fellow guild members when they can't fill that last spot without needing to pug. So please keep this all in mind when you're running around Illium jumping on everything in sight. Run dungeons with your guildies, have fun, play TOGETHER! Playing together also unlocks perks for us as a guild, so it's a good idea to do that whenever possible. Run dailies together if you're 50, makes it easier on you, and more fun as a whole. BE SOCIAL! You joined a guild (hopefully) so you could play with other people, rather than by yourself. Chat with your guild members. Tell bad jokes. Make fun of Maels. Whatever makes you want to log on at night, do it! The guild is better with YOU being a part of it!
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