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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, All. I’m seeking advice on how to play a Tank. As I understand the role of the Tank, it’s his job to attract the attention of enemies so the DPS players can deal their damage. To do this job well, I think the Tank should have the following: 1) good armor to protect against hits, 2) decent hit points to survive hits, and 3) ability to attract the attention of enemies. I’ve reviewed ESO skills and I’ve made a list of skills I think would benefit and I’d like feedback on this list and recommendations for others to consider. Currently, I am playing a Redguard Templar. I’ve been specializing in one-handed and shield weapon line. SKILLS for the Tank Restoring Light Options Spear Wall – to increase amount of damage Blocked. Reflective Light – to snare nearby enemies so they cannot rush off to attack healer or anyone else. Restoring Aura skills – to increase amount of health and stamina regeneration. Fighters Guild Trap Beast – because it immobilizes undead and daedra enemies. Mages Guild Ice Comet – because it snares enemies in the impact area. Undaunted Inner Beast – forces enemy to attack you. Heavy Armor Immovable – increases armor and spell resistance which will help the Tank survive enemy attacks. Rapid Mending – to increase healing received if wearing heavy armor One-Handed Weapon and Shield Low Slash line – snares enemies to keep them from rushing off to attack other players. Fortress – reduce the cost for blocking. Shield Charge – to get to enemy quickly. Ransack line – Taunts enemy for 15 seconds A few questions. In a fight with level boss, should the Tank attempt to intercept all the smaller enemies with abilities that snare or taunt? Should a Tank save his Magicka and Stamina for abilities that snare or taunt and not worry about damage? Should the Tank attempt to move out of range of boss’s area attacks? Your feedback is greatly welcome. Thanks.
  2. After some discussion with people in CotP, I'm digging into different builds and possibilities people have discovered while playing. Traditional and Non-Traditional DPS Builds http://massively.joystiq.com/2014/02/28/tamriel-infinium-building-the-best-dps-class-in-the-elder-scrol/ Non-Traditional Tank and Healing Builds http://massively.joystiq.com/2014/03/04/tamriel-infinium-outside-the-box-healing-and-tanking-in-the-eld/ Can every class play any roll? Appears so in my testing, and what I have been reading. Some of the dungeons we did consisted entirely of templars, and at one of the Dark Anchors, I partnered up with two sorcerers and two night blades to take on the event. Worked out pretty well. Melee Sorcerer? Healing Dragonknight? Tanking Night Blade? What crazy builds have you encountered or tested?
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