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Found 4 results

  1. When the first ArcheAge was released, it was a huge chapter for COTP. The initial game hype was off the charts, and we had a lot of fun at first... Unfortunately they had some pretty big missteps with the release schedule and some content that was not released as planned (or poorly handled). A lot of the issues with the game can be attributed to conflicts between the original Korean developer XL Games and the USA publisher Trion Worlds. Over time the game went F2P and quickly became a Pay2Win game. Let's just say that the community was unhappy with the direction of the game. Enter GamIgo Games! Last year Gamigo Games purchased Trion Worlds and acquired the ownership rights of ArcheAge. As a direct result of all the community backlash, they decided to release a completely different version of the game. By popular demand, ArcheAge Unchained is going to be a completely separate game on its own, and they are eliminating the big P2W problems. ArcheAge Unchained is being released on October 15th, and it will be a Buy 2 Play model. You pay the initial game cost up front, and after that there will be no subscriptions or "Premium monthly costs". The only items for sale in the "cash shop" will be 100% cosmetic, and anything game impacting from the original ArcheAge game was removed. For example, the game was due to come out the last weekend in September, but Gamigo Games decided to delay the game for more PTS testing. The big change they were working on was to make all cosmetic items Bound on Pickup / Purchase. They wanted to avoid anyone buying cosmetic items for RL money and then selling them on the in-game marketplace to earn gold. Many people in the community saw this as being slightly Pay 2 Win, so it was removed from the game! Here is a good video talking about the upcoming release of ArcheAge Unchained, and some history of the original game: At this point we don't have any official plans of a COTP Chapter, but we will certainly go that way if we get enough people interested! If you want more information, here is the full copy / paste of the FAQ from the official ArcheAge Unchained forums:
  2. The Sabrefang is a level 25 Eastern Continent (Haranya) Battle Pet. All races can buy the Battle Pet for 10 Silver at Jaun's Ranch in Villanelle. When your character is level 15, it is highly recommended that you journey to Villanelle and buy the pet. The Sabrefang is a level 25 battle pet which will make it easier for you to level up. Step 1: You must be level 15. Step 2: Journey to Jaun's Ranch in Villanelle. Step 3: Select a cub and purchase it for 10 silver. Your choices are: Tabby Sabrefang Cub Striped Sabrefang Cub Calico Sabrefang Cub Step 4: Buy a Vita seed from the farm hand for 5 silver. You can also purchase armor for the pet from the farm hand too. Step 5: Go to the Well and get a bucket of water ready. Step 6: Plant the Vita seed and then harvest the fruit. Step 7: Place the Sabrefang Cub on ground and then follow directions such as feeding, washing and dancing with the cub. You are now the proud owner of a Sabrefang Battle Pet. Go back to adventuring and watch that fur ball tear mobs apart.
  3. http://www.reddit.com/r/archeage/comments/2hzq8z/letter_before_action_issued_to_trions_legal/ http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?74680-An-open-letter-to-Trion-Worlds-and-the-Archeage-gaming-community-concerning-Hack-Shield I wouldn't pay much attention to the threat of a lawsuit, but please take note that the way Hackshield is being distributed is illegal in North America. At this point in time it is violating a number of laws which were also brought up when GameGuard was released with Aion. This will come up more frequently, and I suspect we will be seeing updates to remove this software... or change the way it is installed/uninstalled and how users are alerted to it. However... the last time I dealt with HackShield and other security programs like this, I just completely wiped my system to remove it. The hassle of making sure everything was removed manually got to be too much. I realize most people don't find this particularly important... but I can't help but notice history keeps repeating itself.
  4. Hello everyone! From Trion's official ArcheAge page, it says that the third beta will begin at "10:00 AM PDT next Thursday, August 14 and run through Monday, August 18 at 10:00 AM PDT." They say that the last beta went fantastic, and they're hoping to add some new features for "Closed Beta Event 3: Blood and Bounty" the link has all the info! As for myself, I hope to see our chapter there, and to experience more of ArcheAge. End of Beta 2 along with Blood and Bounty information: http://www.archeagegame.com/en/news/2014/08/producer-letter-sailing-through-beta/
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