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Found 1 result

  1. Elder Scrolls Online Chapter Focus CotP is a mature family-style guild with a good mix of gaming styles from the casual to the hard-core, with our focus being to provide opportunities for all our members to participate in end-game events such as adventure zones, exploration and the fight for Cyrodiil. We don't force members to raid or play "x" amount of hours per week. Our community has an established and sustainable mix of style, talent and ability which allows us to accomplish our goals without burning out any particular group. Covenant of the Phoenix Policies: It is the responsibility of each member to read and understand the Guild Charter. Chapter Specific policies: Recruitment - All ranks aside from Recruits can invite players into the guild. Ranks and roles are explained below. It is suggested, but not mandated that every member make efforts to recruit new players into the guild where they can, when they can. Events - Anything from organized world PVP raids, skill book gathering, and adventure zones. These events are post weekly in the raid section. You must be logged in to see this section. Adventure Zones - These are scheduled raids that follow the following guidelines ALL Loot is follows this priority. Main spec upgrade, greed, and all passed gets put into guild bank. Members MUST be able to get on mumble, this makes everything faster for all, even if you can't talk you need to be able to hear. Exceptions are made only in rare cases. The specifics of our raid policies is here. There is no mandatory attendance, If you signed up and unable to make it please leave a post on the forums. Cyrodiil - These are scheduled and unscheduled raids that follow the following guidelines. Large scale events such as capturing keeps can be posted in advance, but not always posted in advance Members MUST be able to get on mumble, this makes everything faster for all, even if you can't talk you need to be able to hear. Exceptions are made only in rare cases. All members partaking in raids within this zone are asked to use their factions mumble channel. This ensures plans and tactics are secure. Other Regardless of faction, we are ALL members of CotP. Behavior unbecoming of a member of CotP will be handle in private by an officer or chapter lead. Since there is only one server there will be a vast assortment of players and play styles. With that said, role playing will be encountered in game and will have their gaming rights respected by every member. Keep in mind when interacting with anyone Roleplaying that Talos Stormcrown, aka Tiber Septum was not even a player in this time of Tamriel's history. This is the second era so most things from Oblivion and Skyrim haven't happened yet. Guild Bank All ranks are able to contribute to the bank, only officers and crafting work groups will have access to withdraw items since everything is useable for crafting purposes. Request for goods can be made to any officer and will be assigned to the correct crafting lead and work group. Contributions to the guild back hold bearing on the request. Guild Market The guild Market is open to all members Recruit and above. Guild Ranks Guild Leader - Chapter Leader Chapter Officer- Chapter Co-Leaders, roles defined below; Faction Leader - Leader of their designated faction. Crafting Leads - Officers that are focused on a specific craft for the benefit of the guild. Officers that are also the go to people with questions, suggests, or advice for their crafting field. Heads their crafts Work group. PVP - Officers that help direct our forces taking part in Cyrodiil campaigns. Raid Leader - Officers that can lead members through dungeons and adventure zones. Bank/Market/Resources - Officers that keep the guild bank straight, manages the guild market, and helps direct gathering needs/requirements. Recruitment - Officers that represent us outside the game, via ESO official forums and other ESO related sites. Soldier - Full members, those that have completed an Application to be a Member and been accepted into the CotP community. Soldiers are encouraged to recruit new people into the guild as they have the power to invite. Recruit - Persons new to the guild that have yet to complete an application. Current Officers (listed by forum name and ESO tag) Guild Leader Eendiwena @Caeadwen Chapter Officers Kirin1623 @Kirin1623 Tinny @The_Tinny Vegihan @Vegihan Byntar @Byntar Liquid Wolf @Liquid_Wolf Oort @XarqOort DarkFrost StarScream Faction Leader Aldmeri Dominion - Kirin1623 @Kirin1623 Daggerfall Covenant- Liquid Wolf @Liquid_Wolf Ebonheart Pact - Damis @Damis Current Officer roles (other then Faction Lead) Crafting Leads: Enchanting - @Vegihan Blacksmithing - Armor - @Darkfrost Weapons - Zakkaj Woodworking - @Caeadwen Clothing - Light armor - @tzindal Meduim Armor @The_Tinny Provisions - @Byntar Alchemy - @tzindal Gathering - @Vegihan PVP Aldmeri Dominion - Daggerfall Covenant - Ebonheart Pact - Raids Aldmeri Dominion - @Konda Daggerfall Covenant - Ebonheart Pact - Bank / Market - / @XarqOort Recuitment -
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