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    Found 1 result

    1. Greeting fellow gamers, i hope your are all doing well, it`s been a while since I posted here but today feels approriate. It was the beginning of 2013 when a promissing game was founded on kickstarter. It took the developers a while to get some kind of "game" together. Till then lots of player groups formed and engaged in forum activities. If I remember correctly, we had the first wars in that time(no looting though). the first itteration of the game didn`t look very pretty, but we had a glimpse of what might lie ahead, we had the developers vision and we had each other. I think it wasn't long after that early game state, that one of those entusiastic groups, which called themselves The Empyrean Order joined the Covenant of the Phoenix as the pathfinder online chapter. and boy, were we excited back then And we had fun, and plans... There were a lot of conversations between players and developers and the game improved. ...And then the money ran out, the team got smaller and smaller and it became quite clear, that the vision couldn`t be realised on the budget available. players faded away, including myself at one point. I know a few brave souls carried on because @jasconine asked me a year ago if my accounts are still alive and available for the group, which they were. so, even after this time, after 8 years, the game isn`t "dead", yet. Today, those with accounts and backers on kickstarter recieved this message: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1675907842/pathfinder-online-a-fantasy-sandbox-mmo/posts/3258064 So, if i read it correctly, they will add new "endgame" content, and on November 28. the servers will be shut down. I left about 3? Or 4? years ago, but somehow it makes me sad to know that Brighthaven will be no more. So I'm wondering, who is still left? who remembers the game and might want to take some final journeys? Make some final memories? I think i will. If you feel the same, I guess I'll ee you at the funeral.
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