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    1. Mages, bards and some healers. Progress on multiple fronts with the main focus on the costal lowlands. In a game with islands, the coasts are in a large part the largest biome in the game. Therefore, extra time and effort is spent here. Cait Sith art work with hairstyles and luxurious tails. You can watch MJ's EOM Twitch update here This months newsletter picture makes my want to play.... You can find this months newsletter here LINK
    2. This month we focus on the heavy fighter classes, art and the ability builder. A few highlights: Sample of Hamadryad male hairdos Anyone can use a sword but there are classes who have actual skills for their use Changes to the ability system You can watch MJ's Twitch update from last week here You can find this months newsletter here LINK
    3. MJ is ill as we start July and the end of month livestream has been postponed until next week. So we leave you with this Top Tenish update to close out the month of June: https://camelotunchained.com/v3/its-always-sunny-in-briton-friday-july-2nd-2021/ A few tidbits from the June newsletter are listed here .. As cicadas erupt this year so too does the Hamadryad. Coastal Lowlands [TDD] biome gets some additional love as well as fleshing out some of the NPC's. Think fog, rain, snow and poor visibility.. and you start to get the feeling of vailstorms. You can find this months newsletter here LINK
    4. The CSE studio office will start reopening in June. Weather, there will be, wind, rain, snow and fog in game. Caravans [Karavans], particularly their pathing. Crafting, more details and images of the new cargo packs. There is new information about biome breakdowns as well as the fact that each realm will eventually have five biomes each. Note: the starting giant size that you see in testing represents youngling giants.. mature ones are much larger. You can find this months newsletter here LINK
    5. This month we see alot of fine tuning of the Arthurian Golden plains. I envision golden fields of grasses and flowers. The recent addition of the shiny hues of silver and red to the fields is a welcome sight. Opps! That added part was merely a hopeful wish to see fields of dead Arthurian's. Other items of interest include food that varies based on the protein used in its making. If a eat a food that contains an aquatic based protein. like fish, my endurance usage while swimming is improved. Likewise I can better my overland travel if the food I eat contains a land based protein. And if it contains a avian based protein.... There is mentions of work on the character stats and stances, especially travel stance and much much more. You can find this months newsletter here LINK
    6. It's true, CU is still alive and in development! After wrapping up the TDD land for this stage of development they are now working on the Arthurians as the newsletter graphic reflects. The Arthurians live in the golden plains somewhat like the grasslands of Africa [my opinion]. Note: When I am attacking, I like my enemy in an open field and when I'm defending, I prefer to be in a forest or jungle. Much of this months newsletter seems to be visual improvements from lighting, island shores, maps etcetera. Enjoy. You can find this months newsletter here LINK
    7. February newsletter starts with alot of art. Moving on from the TDD's Verdant forest biome we now start to see the next biome, The Golden Plains. This is the biome of the Arthurians. Next there is discussion on fog and how this tech will aid the future planned veilstorms. And to top of the month, Alchemy 101 for all you crafters. You can find this months newsletter here LINK
    8. 2021 starts with a proof of concept biome, Verdant Forest with volumetric fog. Further work has been done on the giants [titans] and crafting. A bunch, bunch more work on races and their abilities can be found here in this newsletter. You will find this months newsletter here LINK
    9. 2020 is behind us along with the dumpster fire CSE lit with a "second game". Lets start 2021 on a positive note. CSE plans on big things for CU in 2021. So lets see how 2020 ended for CSE and what is planned for the near future in CU as outlined here in the newsletter. You can find this months newsletter here LINK
    10. This month the CU team has been concentrating on a new multi island RvR Battleground. 2020 is coming to an end ... soon tm ... lets hope 2021 is far better. Just ponder, 1921 was a pivotal year for the world. Lets see if 2021 can be a pivotal year for CU. You can find this months newsletter here LINK
    11. Dragon's Web is the main subject of this months newsletter. Apples, transmitters, disrupters and batteries a whole new litany of new items/terms for this months update. Some fun reading in this one. You can find this months newsletter here LINK
    12. Finishing out the current 90 day plan there has been alot of accomplishments. Giants have come a long way as you will see in this newsletter. I just have to say the female Jotnar looks a bit like my mother in law, it is truly scary. Just wait till you see the giant growth progression scale compared to a human and imagine that is your mother in law. Chills.... Again, we have boat art but at this time it is merely for transports and in game wreckage. In the future, who knows. The Morrigan [TDD spirit mage] is getting a rework and you can see the current changes. The Arthurian Dread Caller [spirit mage] is next in line for concepting. And much more... You can find this months newsletter here LINK
    13. As summer 2020 draws to a close... More art and animations from the giants. Brings back fond memories of my Troll Berserker from DAOC days. Some more lore from the world of Camelot. And, most importantly a brief interview with the new game designer. You can find this months newsletter here LINK
    14. 24x3 servers will soon be a thing. Current testing of the servers has been going well. Giants are also coming along as planned. But enough of the happy news, CSE has a bit of news that some will be saddened by. Ben Pielstick, one of the lead designers is leaving the company for colder waters, Reykjavik. He leaves us all with another well written "Dose of Design" article within the newsletter. To learn more of the specifics as to why and when, please view Marks twitter update here. You can find this months newsletter here LINK
    15. Slowed but not stopped. We are now entering the new 90 day development period. So we expect to see giants in all their glory or at least an early version. Also, they plan on starting up a persistent world on a 24/3 [weekends] server run by their overlord program. Some things we may also see during this period is are the Spirit mages and dragons as they start to get flushed out. You can find this months newsletter here LINK
    16. RvR battles are in full swing testing. Complete with warband grouping and destructible keeps with their own npc lords. Hopefully the planned 24x3 servers will be up and running within the next 90 days. I feel that once they open the doors for this semi persistent rvr battlefield many of former testers, myself included, will return and bang on the servers for some intense testing. This months newsletter can be found here LINK
    17. It is spring and there is something sprouting in the CU universe, a game. The all-important map system is coming to life. A new class is joining the ranks. Keeps and keep lords are in battlefield testing. And a whole lot more.. This months newsletter can be found here LINK
    18. In the new world we find ourselves in, working from home is now a thing. City State Games is no exception. All systems are a go and still producing the games we crave just via working from home. March CU video update on YouTube here This months newsletter can be found here LINK
    19. Better late than never. CSE is back on track with updates and here is the latest newsletter for Camelot Unchained [ not the the new game ] So the wheels of game production are back at work. Art is still churning along. Crafting is again in pruduction. Etc... Near and dear to my heart the C.U.B.E system is back in the development cycle. Whoot! Bonus: Wyvern modeling is in full swing. This months newsletter can be found here LINK
    20. Happy New Year! I feel we will see great progress in 2020 as well as the opening of more testing for the community at large. This months newsletter can be found here LINK
    21. Happy Thanksgiving! This month linuxification is starting to throttle down as they near completion and NPC management is ramping up. This months newsletter can be found here LINK
    22. The sausage making continues... the studio grows and we have news from the head office. Today Mark Jacobs gave his "State of the Game" presentation. You can listen to his stream here and here. [2 parts due to a disruption] This months newsletter can be found here LINK
    23. In my humble opinion, finally a game is starting to emerge. Things are starting to click. Later in October, MJ will give a state of the game update where we expect to get info on the planned next phases of the game. I may be an optimist but I can see a 2020 release, especially now that there are several new engineer hires. This months newsletter can be found here LINK
    24. More artwork, more tools, more weapons a whole lot more of the usual stuff. Plus, npc pathing is going 3D so they are able to navigate within structures / rugged terrain. Great news. Word of the day: Linuxification [CSE is converting alot to Linux] find more info on this in the newsletter. This months newsletter can be found here LINK
    25. The heat is not stopping this games development... Art, sound, siege and many of the normal topics are part of this months newsletter. This months newsletter can be found here LINK
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