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    Found 6 results

    1. Greeting fellow gamers, i hope your are all doing well, it`s been a while since I posted here but today feels approriate. It was the beginning of 2013 when a promissing game was founded on kickstarter. It took the developers a while to get some kind of "game" together. Till then lots of player groups formed and engaged in forum activities. If I remember correctly, we had the first wars in that time(no looting though). the first itteration of the game didn`t look very pretty, but we had a glimpse of what might lie ahead, we had the developers vision and we had each other. I think it wasn't long after that early game state, that one of those entusiastic groups, which called themselves The Empyrean Order joined the Covenant of the Phoenix as the pathfinder online chapter. and boy, were we excited back then And we had fun, and plans... There were a lot of conversations between players and developers and the game improved. ...And then the money ran out, the team got smaller and smaller and it became quite clear, that the vision couldn`t be realised on the budget available. players faded away, including myself at one point. I know a few brave souls carried on because @jasconine asked me a year ago if my accounts are still alive and available for the group, which they were. so, even after this time, after 8 years, the game isn`t "dead", yet. Today, those with accounts and backers on kickstarter recieved this message: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1675907842/pathfinder-online-a-fantasy-sandbox-mmo/posts/3258064 So, if i read it correctly, they will add new "endgame" content, and on November 28. the servers will be shut down. I left about 3? Or 4? years ago, but somehow it makes me sad to know that Brighthaven will be no more. So I'm wondering, who is still left? who remembers the game and might want to take some final journeys? Make some final memories? I think i will. If you feel the same, I guess I'll ee you at the funeral.
    2. It is my pleasure to anounce our newest Sentry promotion: Drogon thank you for the time you invest into the chapter Welcome to the team.
    3. There are two kinds of weapon attack feats: primary and secondary. Primary - their icons have a light border and they are slotted in the lower left three boxes of the bar in UI. Secondary - their icons have a dark border and they are slotted in the lower right three boxes of the bar in UI Dev Points (my term) You "pay" for a feat with the stamina cost and time spent activating it, and for that "purchase" you get a mix of damage factor and effects (which the developers have a bunch of math for to keep every feat balanced in cost and effect so I call the currency of paying and purchasing Dev Points). Logically, the more effects a feat provides the less Dev Points are left to provide damage factor and vice versa. Feats that cost more stamina and time get more Dev Points so they can afford to purchase more effects and higher damage factors. A few important points: -Some weapon attacks are so fast they are uninterruptible, while others are slower and rather susceptible to being interrupted. The more vulnerable to being interrupted a feat is, that is balanced out by receiving more Dev Points to do damage or apply stacks of debuff etc. A slow 1.6 second cd feat will have proportionally more damage and tricks going on than if it were scaled down to an uninterruptible .8 cd feat (unless it gets interrupted and nothing happens). -Some effects are conditional on a specific circumstance like the target having a certain state or yourself having a certain buff; if that condition isn't met then the effect doesn't happen and the Dev Points used to provide that conditional effect are essentially wasted for that attack. -A developer has said that conditional effects on a feat cost only half as many Dev Points as if they were guaranteed every hit. You get twice the kick for going to the trouble to meet that condition. Using Primaries Primary attacks cost less stamina then secondaries. If you know anyone that discovered long swords and Whirlwind you might have seen them not want to use any other attack at all, ever. But Whirlwind is a secondary attack that costs 62 stamina so after a use or two they have to stand there taking a lot of damage and wait for stamina regen to be able Whirlwind one more time, then wait again... Using less stamina means primary attacks are more easily used one after another with much less inactive time between attacks. Many primary attacks also have a chance to apply a state to the target, or a buff to you. This can often be a link in a combination chain where later conditional effects play off of previously applied circumstances. The buffs to you can also be quite useful on their own. Using Secondaries Most of the conditional effects I mentioned earlier are on secondary attacks. Remember, you had to pay stamina and time attacking to get the chance at activating that conditional. So if you're not going to get the conditional effect, it's very often not worth the stamina/time expense of activating that secondary attack. That's a generalization, it's up to you. It doesn't matter how the conditional circumstance happens or where it came from, only that it happens. For example if you have an effect that says "40 Bleeding if target has Distressed" and someone else applies Distressed on your target with one of their abilities, that's great you're ready to go and your conditional effect WILL be activated. If you have a primary that applies Favored to yourself and a secondary that says "...to target if you have Favored" you will be used to a primary-secondary chain applying Favored then using the secondary. If someone else casts Bless that will apply Favored to you and your secondaries' conditions are met and will activate even though you didn't apply Favored to yourself. You can combo with circumstances applied by feats from your own weapon, or your weapon swap, or another character. Any secondary feat who's conditions are currently met will light up green in the UI bar, EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH STAMINA TO ACTIVATE IT. If you're planning to use a combo, it's handy to wait until you have just about enough stamina to cast both before you start it. If you have just barely enough stamina to activate the primary, and the secondary costs even more stamina than that, you'll be waiting for stamina while the condition is ticking down to fall off. There is a chance if you start from nearly empty stamina the circumstance from the primary might fall off before you regen enough stamina to finish the combo. Putting It Together You only get six weapon attacks slotted at a time, three primary and three secondary, so you want them working together as much as possible. The feats for your combos and chains (some combos include three feats and chains can get five or six attacks long). Defensively your weapon attacks can apply defensive buffs to you or debuffs to your target. It's great if some attacks can be enhanced by others, like following a Razed attack (which reduces resistance) with an extra big feat that has higher than normal damage factor to maximize the damage it can do. The specifics about that are as varied as all the feats for all the different weapons, but using the information in this first installment of Head to Feats should help you start weighing which ones give the most bang for your Dev Points with your other abilities or those of your party mates.
    4. Hi and welcome to the post that tells you everything you need to do to win in pvp every time. Just kidding since this is a page-long guide that applies to every character with any possible mix of feats and skills by necessity it avoids specifics and instead focuses you in a generally successful direction. You'll have to find the fine details for your particular build in another place oriented to that, but you will have a concrete goal in mind to help you sift through the possibilities. We need to understand the concept of differentials. DIFFERENTIALS A differential is simply the range of difference between the same characteristic of two combatants. Let's say there is a hypothetical ability called Moxie that is measured on a scale of 0-100. When Ruby and Johann start to fight they are equally matched both having 50 Moxie; the difference between their Moxie values is zero. Johann quickly casts a buff that gives him +10 Moxie; At 60-50 now the differential is 10 in favor of Johann. Ruby is having none of that and uses a crushing blow that reduces Johann's Moxie by 20 down to 40; compared to Ruby's 50 the differential is still 10 but this time in favor of Ruby. Looking to finish things off Ruby uses a special ability that simultaneously debuffs Johann's Moxie another -10 and increases her own by +5 (a total of 15 differential); leaving Johann at 30 and Ruby at 55 a total of 25 differential in favor of Ruby. Now Ruby easily wins the fight and Johann rage quits the game. A large differential in an important characteristic gives one character a large advantage over the other. THE CHECKLIST Movement differential - 50% of any fight is literally where you are standing. The best place is to stand where you can do damage without taking any, or at least take as little as possible while doing the most you can. If you're standing where you can't do damage but you're taking hits, you need movement to change that situation immediately. Having a large movement differential with your opponents lets you stand in a very favorable spot and them in horrible spots more often. Remember you can increase the differential by making them slower or yourself faster. You can accomplish this with stacks of Slow, or effects like Immobilize, Stun, and Knockdown keep your opponent rooted in one place for a time. The buff Hasted comes on many feats or consumables to increase your speed, charges and evasions make you cover a lot of ground quickly, and knockbacks make opponents change position quickly. Stacks of Freedom (on you) help reduce the effect of enemy movement controls on you. Action differential - This just means the relative ability to activate more feats in the order each character wants to. When you can do more of the things you want to do and the opponent less things, you've gained an obvious advantage. You also need to be able to prevent them from doing that to you. One of the biggest ways to prevent the enemy activating abilities on you is to be out of their range, see "the importance of movement" and why it came first on the checklist. Effects like Stun, Knockdown, and Interrupt will also negate whatever action the opponent was doing much of the time, though anything with a .9 second cooldown or faster still happens once the server recognizes it as a valid action. Those fast abilities are a great way to avoid your own actions being interrupted if your ability to act is being targeted. Stacks of Exhaustion interfere with stamina and the ability to activate feats. Stealthing can break an enemies target on you at a distance relative to your skill and their Perception so they will need to spend time retargeting you instead of attacking. Stacks of Mind Blank (on you) help reduce and prevent action blocking effects on you. HP differential - The bottom line of it all. You need their HP bar to go away before yours does. The differential comes both from adding to your damage done and subtracting from theirs. Hindering enemy movement and ability to act reduces the time they can spend causing damage. Effects from feats or buffs like + Base Damage, Penetrating, and attack bonus appropriate to your type help increase overall damage done. Damage over time (DoT) effects can supplement damage done if they don't come with the opportunity cost of a higher amount of direct damage. Effects that reduce enemy defense or resistance (such as Razed and physical attacks) increase the damage they take from all sources including others in your party. Feats or buffs that increase your own defense and resistance help you take less damage. Feats and buffs that increase the sheer size of your hp pool let you absorb more damage and stay alive (DoTs are a percentage of maximum hp so they will do relatively more damage). Every single weapon attack, spell or maneuver, armor, feature, utility, reactive, and defensive feat should be serving at least one of those purposes, preferably two or all three. When comparing abilities think about what they offer in all three of these categories on their own or paired with a complimentary feat. And you should have all three differentials represented in at least 20% of your build; which means you may focus heavily on controlling movement or doing huge damage but still have something for the other differentials or that's a weakness that will get you in trouble fighting against other players targeting those weaknesses. Pvp is incredibly complicated and nuanced and done well can be really, really fun. These are the core strategies in an incredibly tightly packed nutshell that will help you be more effective and successful at it (that is, of course, unless you pick a fight with me ).
    5. It is my pleasure to anounce our newest Sentry promotion: Thraq Thanks for the work you put into this community. Welcome to the team.
    6. Hey everyone, I am new to this site. I recently began Pathfinder Online and would enjoy teaming up. I just submitted my app. Look me up in game if you get a chance! Thanks, Alagos Darknor
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