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    Found 20 results

    1. This Weekend in Neverwinter By Julia (nitocris83) Thu 08 Mar 2018 07:00:00 AM PST In addition to double Refining Stones, we have some great sales starting today! This weekend, everything in the Trade Bar Store is 20% off and Blood Rubies and Keys are 15% off! Discounts begin Thursday, March 8 at 7:30am PT (or after maintenance) Discounts end Monday, March 12 at 7:30am PT If you’re aching for more mounts or companions, the Trade Bar Store has quite the selection including the Fire Archon, Heavy Twilight Nightmare and Phase Spider. The store is also the only place for the majority of fashions and dyes! Keys are your ticket to some of the best gear, mounts and companions available in Neverwinter. Enchanted Keys will open the Soulmonger’s Lockbox which includes a chance at the War Triceratops!
    2. Greetings Traveler! The NeverWinter Simril Event is here! One of the most important events of the year, with many reasons to hit it hard and often! First, what follows is the complete run down of the event, after that, I'll post some unblogged hints and tips on what to do. We would appreciate your feedback, if there are any insights you have about the event! Read on! The Winter Festival is an event that first ran from December 19th, 2013 to January 9th, 2014. The Zenith of the Winter Festival is a period of extra rewards during the event, it occurs during the last week of the event. A second occurrence ran from December 18th, 2014 to January 8th, 2015. A third run is scheduled for December 17th, 2015 to December 31st, 2015, with a Festival Zenith scheduled for December 31st, 2015 to January 7th, 2016. The Winter Festival features various contests and activities, and the Simril Lightcrafting limited-time profession. And continues to this year and beyond! Come to the Winter Festival! Come one and all to the Winter festival, the celebration of the winter solstice. Visit the village of Twilight Tor and witness the wondrous celestial event, the Lights of Simril. Get into the festival spirit by trading fallen [Light of Simril] with other stargazers. Try your hand at ice fishing or join a race in a fabulous [Winter Sled]! And much, much more! Come by every day for special activities and unique rewards available only once a year, including Woolen Scarves, Winter weapons, a [Dappled Riding Horse] and new companions: the [Fawn of Shiallia] and the [Frost Mimic]! The stars are aligned for the Zenith of the Winter Festival! Join us for the Zenith of the Winter Festival! The stars are aligned, and the Lights of Simril are in full glow. Get bonus [Light of Simril] for festival activities and earn new rewards, including unique Woolen Scarves, and additional rewards for professions tasks. Come by the Winter Festival, found on the overhead map, every day for special activities and unique rewards available only once a year! Contents [hide] 1Quests 2Currencies 3Simril Store 4Star of Fortune Store 5Activities and Contests 5.1Ice Fishing 5.2Monsters on Ice / Demons on Ice 5.3Twilight Run 6Lore 6.1Lore of Simril 6.2Omens of the Stars 7Achievements 8Zen Market 9External Links 10Video Quests[edit | edit source] Quest Notable Rewards A Light for Simril 325 Lore of Simril 10 Simril Celebration(repeatable) 5 (10 during Zenith) Omens of the Stars(repeatable) 2 (4 during Zenith), 1, [Mysterious Fortune], [Spirit of Simril] Simril Crafts from performing Simril Lightcrafting: [Hero's Feast], [Resplendent Citrine], [Faintly Glowing Citrine], [Lightwine] Simril Fishing up to 45, [Ring of Lights] Star Stuff (repeatable) [Starlight Voucher] Far From Home [Flake of Blacklead] White Dragon Gift Exchange Refugee Recruitment(repeatable)[1] 2 [Stronghold Vouchers] Jump up↑ This quest is offered by The Builder in the Guild Stronghold during the Winter Festival Currencies[edit | edit source] [Star of Fortune]: reward from Omens of the Stars daily quest, and during the Zenith from the Tarmalune Trade Bar store [Light of Simril]: reward from quests, contests, and Sword Coast Adventures, also looted occasionally from enemies and skill nodes throughout the game, also contained in [Shower of Lights]. [Ring of Lights]: reward from Twilight Run contest and Sword Coast Adventures [Winterkill Emblem]: reward from "Demons on Ice" contest and Sword Coast Adventures [Flake of Blacklead]: reward from "Demons on Ice" contest, Simril Lightcrafting task "Open [Sickly Marimo]", completing skirmishes in the Underdark, completing Demogorgon or Epic Demogorgon, completing Demonic Herois Encounters Simril Store[edit | edit source] [Sky Beam] 15 [Small Iceworks] 15 [Sky Lantern] 30 [Large Iceworks] 30 [Starry Winter Cloak] 30 [Icy Demonic Scarf] 30 [Fiery Demonic Scarf] 30 [Dark Demonic Scarf] 30 [Festive Simril Scarf] 30 [Racer's Woolen Scarf] 30 [Angler's Woolen Scarf] 30 [Astrologer's Woolen Scarf] 30 [Ice Arrow Scarf] 30 [Wintery Woolen Scarf] 30 [Winter's Teeth Scarf] 30 [Illuminated Box] 350 [Crate of Blacklead] 350 [Sparkling Bow of Winter] 850 [Sparkling Dagger of Winter] 850 [Sparkling Axes of Winter] 850 [Sparkling Blade of Winter] 850 [Sparkling Shield of Winter] 850 [Sparkling Long Sword of Winter] 850 [Sparkling Scepter of Winter] 1,700 [Sparkling Greatsword of Winter] 1,700 [Sparkling Orb of Winter] 1,700 [Sparkling Pact Blade of Winter] 1,700 [Dappled Riding Horse] 3,000 [Fawn of Shiallia] 3,200 [Snowy Fawn] 3,200 [Ice Sprite] 3,200 [Shower of Lights] 1 (Only during Zenith) Star of Fortune Store[edit | edit source] [Winter Sled] 10 [Frost Mimic] 18 [Throne of Winter] 14 [Spirit of Simril] 2 [Gift of Simril] 1 Activities and Contests[edit | edit source] Rotation: 12min Ice Fishing, 3min break, 12min Twilight Run, 3min break, 12min Demons on Ice, 3min break Gold Bracket: 45 (90 during Zenith) Silver Bracket: 25 (50 during Zenith) Copper Bracket: 15 (30 during Zenith) Bronze Bracket: 9 (18 during Zenith) Ice Fishing: [Light Pod] Demons on Ice: [Winterkill Emblem], [Flake of Blacklead] Twilight Run: [Ring of Lights] Ice Fishing[edit | edit source] [Simple Fishing Pole] 5 [Glowing Fishing Pole] (Simril Lightcrafting level 1) [Bright Angler's Fishing Pole] (Simril Lightcrafting level 2) [Brilliant Angler's Fishing Pole] (Simril Lightcrafting level 3) [Sparkling Starlight Fishing Pole] (Simril Lightcrafting level 3) [Bright Shiny Lure] (Simril Lightcrafting level 1 & 2) [Mesmerizing Lure] (Simril Lightcrafting level 3) [Golden Szorp‎] found in pouches, purses and bags [Sabiki Rig] found in the Zen Market or in Starlight Parcel's during the event (2014-) [Brown Bream] (trade 10 for 1) (1 point) [Blackjaw] (trade 10 for 2) (2 points) [Durgrace] (trade 10 for 5) (4 points) [Candlefish] (trade 5 for 5) (8 points) [Sodden Pouch] (2 points) [Soaked Purse] (4 points) [Waterlogged Bag] (8 points) Fishing holes can be common, uncommon, rare or epic quality. Holes last a set number of casting attempts before despawning. Higher quality holes last fewer attempts. For instance, uncommon fishing holes last 12 attempts, rarefishing holes last 6 attempts and epic fishing holes last only 4 attempts. Occasionally, an Unlucky Angler skeleton will pop up and attack. Monsters on Ice / Demons on Ice[edit | edit source] Frost Goblin Cutters (1 point) Frost Goblin Sharpshooters (1 point) Ice Troll Grunts (2 points) Winterforge Rimefire Golems (5 points) Hrimnir's Hand Gronkunbonk (giant) (20 points) For the third run of the event, the monsters were replaced with Demons: Shrieking Cultists (1 point) Shadow Demons (1 point) Barlgura (2 points) Zythar (2 points) Glabrezeu (5 points) Plee (demon boss) (20 points) Aakhii (demon boss) (20 points) Twilight Run[edit | edit source] Slide down the course. The glowing chevrons grant a 5-second speed buff that stacks up to 4 times, after which hitting a chevron refreshes the buff's duration. The twenty-five slalom gates are worth 10 points each. The four rally gates are 100 points each. A fast mount helps reach the rally gates within the 30 second limit. Bonuses appear as bags randomly on the course. Gold Bonuses are 200 points, Silver Bonuses are 100 points. Lore[edit | edit source] There are four sources of lore from the Winter Festival: the Lore of Simril quest, an inscription in the Old Temple, random constellations from the Omens of the Stars quest and random fortunes from opening Mysterious Fortunes. Lore of Simril[edit | edit source] Fishing on Glorfindar Demons on Ice Simril Twilight Tor The Twilight Run Omens of the Stars[edit | edit source] Auroth the Ice Snake Eyes of the Watching Woman Jassa's Dagger Lavarandar's Lantern Mystra's Star Circle The Arrows of the Gods The Sleepless Knights Achievements[edit | edit source] Ice Fighter: Participate in the "Monsters on Ice" event 10 times Ice Fisher: Participate in the "Ice Fishing" event 10 times Simril Celebrant: Celebrate the Winter Festival Simril Knight: Celebrate the Winter Festival 10 times Twilight Runner: Participate in the "Twilight Run" event 10 times Zen Market[edit | edit source] During the festival, the following items are offered on the Zen Market: 6x[Sabiki Rig] for 100 [Bounty of Simril] for 100 [Starlight Parcel] for 100 External Links[edit | edit source] Winter Festival Event Preview Winter Festival – More Rewards! Winter Festival Event Preview The Winter Festival of Simril Has Begun! The Winter Festival's Zenith has Begun! Last Chance: Winter Festival Event Neverwinter: The Winter Festival of Simril Preview Simril Festival Rewards: Gifts that Keep on Giving Neverwinter: The Winter Festival is Live! Neverwinter: Winter Events Schedule - Gifts and 2x! Video[edit | edit source] Winter festival loot:
    3. Hi There, There are two good reasons to really hit the Winter Simril event hard every day. 1. Get the free gift and other gifts use to exchange gifts with other players to get loads of Simril crafting materials and refinement point materials. 2. Craft the [Sparkling Starlight Fishing Pole] as it gives you higher chances at fishing, faster catching, and higher chance to pull treasure from the water. If you have any other reason why you like to do the Simril Winter event, please let me know, and I will pass them along! Also, the holidays are near! 9 days to Christmas! I and many others have family obligations, travel plans, etc., so don't fret if we are not around much for the holiday, we are wishing that we could be. 8-) Warmest Holiday Wishes! Merry Christmas!
    4. NeverWinter Unblogged NeverWinter Unblogged is a great site to keep up with, so many guides, news, insights, it's awesome for NWO players. They also keep track of general gaming news, and provide intel on what is going on around us in the gaming world. Read the above linked article for more details.
    5. For those of you that play the Devoted Cleric class, please consider this thread your home for all links, Info, and tips about playing the Cleric to its maximum! Everyone loves the DC, and no party can really live without it at upper levels. So let's show it some love, and hear from the best clerics in our guild!
    6. Cryptic is set to introduce campaign tokens, after you complete a campaign with your main toon, you can craft the token and use it to help your alts complete a campaign more quickly. We no like grind! https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/neverwinter/news/detail/10652354 Developer Blog: Campaign Progression for Alts By Julia (nitocris83) Mon 25 Sep 2017 07:00:00 AM PDT Hello fellow altaholics! We’ve known for a while it’s harder to run alts in Neverwinter than it should be. As some of you may know, we recently lowered the cost of the Campaign Completions in the Zen Market, but we wanted to do more. With this next release, we are introducing “Signets of Patronage”: account-bound tokens, one for each campaign, that your main can make and hand to one of your alts. That alt can turn in the Signet to progress in the campaign at double speed! Here are the details: If a character has finished a campaign, they can make a Signet of Patronage for that campaign. “Finished” doesn’t mean 100%; it varies by campaign, but basically means “has done all the important unlocks and has earned all the boons”. Making a Signet costs some campaign currency (typically about as much as an end-stage campaign task) plus 50,000 Astral Diamonds. The Signet is account-bound, so it can be given to any character on that account. The character you give it to can turn the Signet in, consuming it, but enabling that character to complete most campaign tasks at 1/2 price (and earning rep at x2 normal rate, if the campaign has rep). The exception to the 1/2 price is that those campaign tasks whose main purpose is to create items, like the Dragon Hoard Enchantments task in Tyranny of Dragons, are not discounted. That’s because we didn’t want to decrease the value of those items, and we didn’t want people to feel they had to make an alt with a Signet of Patronage just to create those items efficiently. Only a few tasks fall into this category, and they are generally not requirements for other tasks, so this exception won’t slow down alts who want to use a Signet of Patronage to progress more quickly through a campaign. Note that (like campaign buyouts) the most recent campaigns (right now, we’re thinking the two most recent ones) won’t have this accelerator. As new campaigns come on line, older ones will get the Signets of Patronage. The campaigns that have Signets of Patronage are: The Maze Engine Sharandar Underdark Dread Ring Tyranny of Dragons Storm King’s Thunder Icewind Dale The Cloaked Ascendancy (strictly speaking, this one shouldn’t be out yet under the “two most recent” policy, but we’re giving it to you early!) We hope that Signets of Patronage will make it easier and more fun to have alts in Neverwinter! Robert Gutschera Lead Systems Designer
    7. Greetings to all NeverWinter guild members! We are pleased that have chosen to join our team at Covenant of the Phoenix, and look forward to working with you and growing together as a great community! Please post your greeting to the guild here for all to see, tell us about yourself, from where do you hail, what is your motivation, how you think you can contribute to the team and what you would like from us to help you progress! Thanks in advance to all members! Warm Regards,
    8. https://blog.nwo-uncensored.com/chettlebell-explains-vol-8-utility-enchantments-guide/ Thanks to our friends at Neverwinter Uncensored, they put together this handy list of utility enchantments that you should know. Chettlebell Explains It All Vol. 8: Utility Enchantments Guide May 24, 2017 NWO_Unblogged 2 Comments Refining Good day! Tristopher Chettlebell, Neverwinter’s preeminent historian at your service. In my capacity as an expert in all things Neverwinter, I’ve agreed to author a series of articles detailing various situations in Neverwinter that adventurers regularly have trouble understanding. It’s a big job, but nevertheless, I must persevere. Utility Enchantments Who doesn’t like free stuff? Utility Enchantments deliver just that!Today’s lesson will cover the concept and use of magically enhanced gems that do not directly add to the adventurers’ power. Visiting your local wizard you might already know that certain pieces of gear can hold what many often refer to as “Utility Enchantments”. These Enchantments make your everyday life much more convenient by delivering wealth or extra loot. They normally simply increase awareness of what’s lying around, but some even create magical items of use. If you don’t have any, you simply miss out. So let’s go through a list of stuff available alongside the Sword Coast and rate it. Azure Enchantments (+% Experience) Young adventurer’s are going to love Azure Enchantments. The warm energy from them gives a cozy feeling in your head and makes you much more receptive. You’re not only more eager to learn, you’ll do it much faster! The Enchantment enhances all areas, be it monster slaying, questing or doing professions. Silvery Enchantment (+% Glory) The Silvery Enchantment shines the brightest on the tourneys across Faerûn. And what can I say, ain’t looks important? People seem to naturally idolize you while using these and you’ll earn more glory on the battlefield! Dark Enchantment (Movement) The Dark Enchantment magically lightens your equipment and makes you move faster. It’s a pretty straight forward enhancement. Quartermaster’s Enchantment Dragon’s Hoard Enchantment Fey Blessing Quartermaster’s Enchantment Dragon’s Hoard Enchantment Fey Blessing Quartermaster’s Enchantment Dragon’s Hoard Enchantment Fey Blessing Fey Blessing Enchantment (Rank 5 Enchantments) Now let’s start with the really interesting stuff. The Feys of Sharandar have blessed some Enchantments to reward those helping to keep their home safe! When you kill a critter, a Wisp might spawn that finds an Enchantment for you. So when looting your enemies, be on the lookout and pick them up! Since the Feys want this to be a personal reward, the drops bind to account. Additionally the inherent magic diminishes over time and the Enchantment will be less effective the longer you use it. Dragon’s Hoard Enchantment (Refining Points) Created out of dragon blood, these Enchantments are able to reveal gems and other Refining Stones on the ground. Not only will the Dragon’s Hoard find them, but also magically transfer the stones to your inventory. Just like the Fey Blessings however their magic has to recharge at a certain point. Quartermaster’s Enchantment (Enchantment, Runestones and Surplus) The Quartermaster Enchantment is rumored to be of pirate origin. Designed to glean salvageable items from ship wrecks, it also works outside a nautical environment. We all know pirates are lazy, so the Enchantment packs useful materials into magically created bags and stuffs them into the adventurer’s inventory. If just everything could be so easy… But again folks: Magic doesn’t last forever and the Quartermaster can only pack so many bags per day. Not so Utility EnchantmentsUnfortunately there are also a few Enchantments that do not offer as much value when slotted. Do not get talked into trying these! Radiant (+% Gold Bonus) Gold is great, but for adventurer’s alongside the Sword Coast it mostly comes naturally. You know, the dragon-slaying, world-saving business is usually well paid. There might be outlier cases in which Radiant Enchantment can help jump-start your journey, but generally you want to stay away from them. Tymora’s Lucky Enchantment (+Trash) Ironically you can consider yourself lucky if you don’t own Tymora’s Enchantment. Not sure what Lady Luck was trying to do here, but the smile on your face when looking at these fades rather quickly if you learn what sort of Pouches the goddess created. Maybe she tried to remind us to value the things we already own by creating a mostly worthless pack? The contents are pretty much only useful to sell for gold, and for that matter you might want to refer to what I’ve said about Radiants. Now what to do with your slots?While we have talked about good and bad choices for Utility Enchantments, there are only five or six slots to fill. So decisions need to be made carefully. Let’s first cover the most obvious thing when it comes to the slots: Enchantments of the same type stack. Slotting one Radiant will net you Gold, slotting two will net you even more. In some cases it nonetheless makes more sense to pick a healthy mix of different Enchantments. Here are your typical scenarios: PVPFor player versus player engagement it’s pretty easy. You slot Silverys if you need to more Glory and use Darks in all other cases. Solo grindWhen adventuring alone you can actually have up to six slots thanks to Makos' Signet. RIP by the way, we’re all still devastated… While it might sound logical to just stack what you need most, it’s not as effective due to the magical cooldowns the best Enchantments have. A high percentage of the same type might land you a lot early on, but the longer your session the greater the risk that you are going hit the cap. What mix works best for you depends on what you need and how long you typically adventure, but generally I’d advise slotting two of each of the Fey Blessings, Dragon’s Hoards and Quartermasters. In a normal session you should be able to drain all of them and get the maximum number of possible drops. If you’re really only doing quick bursts with certain characters, it might make sense to shift the focus to a specific Enchantment in order to generate more procs in a short amount of time. Group playThe best mix of Utility Enchantments for group play depends on your role. Since Fey Blessings, Dragon’s Hoards and Quartermasters only proc off actual kills, support classes get little out of them in dungeons and are probably better off slotting Darks, or even Radiants. If you’re more of a damaging type then you have more options and pretty much can go with whatever you’re using in solo. I hope today’s lesson helped you understand the concept and use of Utility Enchantments. Until next time, I must continue my research. Neverwinter UN:Blogged is always looking for writers to contribute to the blog. If you are an active player and search for a way to spread your opinions, analysis, diaries or reviews to more than 40,000 regular visitors, then don’t hesitate and get in touch with us on our contact page or message board! We are currently especially looking for console and PVP content, but that’s not exclusive. There is no frequency requirement, you post how often you want.
    9. Greetings Travelers! The summer promotions and events keep on coming, leading up to the Tomb of Annihilation! To help you prepare, they gave us the most awesome Jubilee event, an opportunity to earn tons of enchantments for refining up your artifacts and artifact gear. Now we get a discount at the Wondrous Bazaar for a limited time! There are a few select items you would like to focus on: Consumables would be the Greater and Superior Marks, but them cheap now, and use or sell them for more after the sale is over. Special Items: The Giant Gilded Spider is an excellent mount to get due to its bonus for finding refining stones. If you missed the Siege Griffon epic mount from the last event, this rare mount is a close second. Don't forget to check out the new event in Protector's Enclave also!
    10. Where in the world is this? And more specifically what is this place in the World of NeverWinter? The first person to respond with the correct answer will get a Blue/Rare Thaumaturgic stone worth 2500 AD!
    11. Greetings! Please find the ancient lore contained within this compendium of companions in the realm of NeverWinter to aide you in your quest for god hood! There have are many companions to choose from, perhaps these stories will help you find the one right for you! If you are an experienced traveler, do share your companion stories for all of our members! Regards!
    12. Greetings Travelers! Today begins the Wonders of Gond event! Running for the next several days, this is an event you want to take part it, there are chances at profession tools, mounts, and more! Read the following at: > WONDERS OF GOND < Wonders of Gond The Wonders of Gond is a calendar event scheduled that first ran from July 31st to August 4th, 2014. A second run was scheduled for April 16th to April 20th, 2015, and a third for October 1st to October 5th, 2015. Contents [hide] 1Event Description 2Refinement 3Event Store 4Sword Coast Adventures 5Professions 6Zen Market 7External Links Event Description[edit | edit source] Wonders of Gond Gond, the Lord of All Smiths, has identified Neverwinter as requiring some encouragement and observation.Clerics of Gond have come to the city to offer rewards for artisans and engineers, allowing Neverwinter's Heroes to craft valuable and innovative items. To participate You must be level 10 or higher and kill monsters that are within 7 levels of you. When they die, collect the special loot which they may drop. Refine these items to create special rewards or to trade in the event's store. Sword Coast Adventures You can keep up with the event by playing in the Sword Coast Adventures on Gateway from your web or mobile browser. Rewards There are many rewards for helping spread Gond's Wonder: Refine [Wondrous Grommet] into a mighty [Doohickey] which you may use against your foes, or tithe for a chance at the rare [Apparatus of Gond]. You can also purchase numerous items for refined [Wondrous Grommet], such as: [Blacksmith's Goggle] [Blacksmith's Apron] [Blacksmith's Pants] [Expendable Doohickey] [Toy Apparatus of Gond] [Mechanical Altar] Refinement[edit | edit source] Rank Item RP worth RP to next rank Cumulative RP Reagents for upgrade Success chance 1 [Wondrous Grommet] 5 20 0 1x [Wondrous Grommet] 100% 2 [Wondrous Cog] 15 60 20 1x [Wondrous Grommet] 95% 3 [Wondrous Sprocket] 45 180 80 1x [Wondrous Grommet] 90% 4 [Wondrous Gadget] 135 810 260 1x [Wondrous Gadget] 85% 5 [Wondrous Gizmo] 540 3,240 1070 1x [Wondrous Gizmo] 80% 6 [Wondrous Thingamabob] 2,160 12,960 4410 1x [Wondrous Thingamabob] 75% 7 [Doohickey] 4,320 17370 [Blueprint] 4,000 Event Store[edit | edit source] Item Cost [Blacksmith Crafting Wear] 1 [Wondrous Thingamabob] [10 Mechanical Altars] 1 [Wondrous Gizmo] [5 Expendable Doohickies] 1 [Wondrous Gadget] [Toy Apparatus of Gond] 1 [Wondrous Sprocket] [Creations of Wonder Pack] 1 [Doohickey] Sword Coast Adventures[edit | edit source]During the event, all tier 1 through tier 6 challenges within Sword Coast Adventures have a chance to give out [Wondrous Grommet]s. Professions[edit | edit source]During the event, some professions have a special rank 6 task to create [Wondrous Sprocket]. Each task has a base duration of 2 hours, and has a small chance to award an [Ancient Curio]. Profession Required Assets Optional Assets Consumed Resources Alchemy Person and [Crucible] 3x Person or Tool 50 [Simple Pelt], 50 [Pine Wood], 50 [Solvent], 50 [Green Vitriol] Artificing Person and [Crucible] 3x Person or Tool 50 [Iron Ore], 50 [Pine Wood], 50 [Charcoal], 1 [Residuum] Jewelcrafting Person and [Crucible] 3x Person or Tool 75 [Iron Ore], 25 [Simple Pelt], 50 [Charcoal], 1 [Residuum] Leatherworking Person and [Shears] 3x Person or Tool 100 [Simple Pelt], 50 [Rock Salt], 5 [Desert Rose], 5 [Dark Clover] Mailsmithing Person and [Hammer] 3x Person or Tool 100 [Iron Ore], 50 [Charcoal], 5 [Fundamental Fire], 5 [Fundamental Lightning] Platesmithing Person and [Hammer] 3x Person or Tool 100 [Iron Ore], 50 [Charcoal], 5 [Fundamental Earth], 5 [Fundamental Ice] Tailoring Person and [Shears] 3x Person or Tool 100 [Wool Scraps], 50 [Spool of Thread], 5 [Witchwood], 5 [Brightleaf] Weaponsmithing Person and [Hammer] 3x Person or Tool 50 [Iron Ore], 50 [Pine Wood], 50 [Charcoal], 1 [Residuum] Tier 1 result: [Wondrous Sprocket] Tier 2 result: [Wondrous Gadget], [Wondrous Sprocket], 5 [Wondrous Grommet] Tier 3 result: [Wondrous Gadget], [Wondrous Sprocket], 2 [Wondrous Cog], 5 [Wondrous Grommet] Zen Market[edit | edit source]During the event, [Blueprint]s can be purchased for 110 in the Zen Market.
    13. https://blog.nwo-uncensored.com/shroud-souls-storyline-preview/ Shroud of Souls Storyline Preview April 3, 2017 j0Shi 0 Comment River District, Shroud of Souls, The Cloaked Ascendancy In the first post of our Shroud of Souls preview series, we are quickly going through the solo campaign story. As always, please do not continue if you don’t like spoilers and want to experience the story yourself. For the rest: Have fun reading through the article! Finally a bit of free time… Lukan keeps everyone busySince the update mainly targets guilds, the story addition is not really huge. If you’ve already completed chapter five of the original Cloaked Ascendancy storyline, you’ll be welcomed by Sergeant Knox in the Driftwood Tavern. The casual get-together however doesn’t last too long as Kavatos drags Lukan into the scene. The unlucky illusionist has unintentionally broken a warding rune under the River District that opened a portal to the Shadowfell. Now ghostly creatures swarm the District, as if Kabal’s, Nostura’s and Gyrion’s minions weren’t already enough. As the story proceeds it becomes evident that a necromancer called Morlanth is trying to build an army of wraiths. Adventurers need to forge an unholy alliance with a lich to gain access to the Netherese village Evernight and then eventually defeat Morlanth in the Shard of Night to end that threat. Shard of Night floating over the River District Shard of Night becomes repeatableOnce completed the shadowy tower becomes a repeatable instance like the other demiplanes and offers the same loot. The new companion to grab is a Netherese Warlock with an interesting active bonus. It adds damage when foes are not facing you. Especially for melee DPS that constantly fight on the opposite side of the boss this could be a great option. The key to replay the Shard of Night is not included in the packages of the others, but has to be farmed separately. Drop rate is not really great, so it’s a bit of a pain. Especially in the first days when everyone and their mother will be farming ghosts, good luck of getting one… Evernight A nice story, but not that longOverall the story is well told, but also very limited. Even without VIP to cut travel times and taking a slow approach you shouldn’t need more than 60-70 minutes. The end fight in the Shard of Night against Morlanth was surprisingly hard and not paying attention to the AoE attack my 4k CW actually soulforged once. As always there are a few hidden achievements and titles to explore, this time with a heavy drinking theme. The Evernight was a nice change of scenery and I also like the sense of humor shown in the dialogues. Overall however you realize it’s not a natural addition to the Cloaked Ascendancy storyline and completely unattached to other River District activities. Morlanth and the wraiths would have worked everywhere, maybe thematically even a bit better on the Neverdeath Graveyard. But that’s really just a minor point in an update that does not really focus on the solo adventure anyway and simply delivers an enjoyable side story. I hope you liked the brief preview of the story additions in Neverwinter’s update 11b! In case you have questions or remarks, make sure to post the in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board! Neverwinter UN:Blogged is always looking for writers to contribute to the blog. If you are an active player and search for a way to spread your opinions, analysis, diaries or reviews to more than 40,000 regular visitors, then don’t hesitate and get in touch with us on our contact page or message board! We are currently especially looking for console and PVP content, but that’s not exclusive. There is no frequency requirement, you post how often you want. Share this:Click to print (Opens in new window) Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window) Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window) Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window) Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) ← Neverwinter Community Watch Here’s How a New PVP System Could Look Like → j0Shi plays the Neverwinter MMORPG since the open BETA in 2013 and is a regular contributor to the blog and the whole UN:Project. Originally a Guardian Fighter inspired by the DPS builds of Envy and Rokuthy, he has built up ALTs of all classes and finished Module 5 with five characters in full legendaries and BiS/near-BiS level. You May Also Like What Can Players Expect From the Revamped Spellplague Caverns? March 22, 2017 8 Bag of Tricks Vol. 49: Illusionist’s Gambit Bronze Fleece Farm March 11, 2017 1 Neverwinter Community Watch January 15, 2017 2
    14. 2017-4-1 Saturday Salutations! Chapter Weekly Event! It’s April Fools Day! Don’t be a fool! Be sure to attend our Dragonflight run tonight at 8pm EST, level 20 or more with access to the Stronghold quest completed. CoTP Guild Event! The Covenant of the Phoenix parent guild is holding it’s Founder’s Week 2017 Celebration, with many activities going on. Please register at and apply to be a member at www.COTP.info today! There is a chapter survey to fill out on our forums, fill out as much as able, you don’t have to answer all if you don’t have an answer, it’s like a voting for the best X in the guild. http://www.covenantofthephoenix.com/forums/topic/51140-founders-week-2017-chapter-voting/ Promotions: Our illustrious NeverWinter chapter lead Relaed has been promoted to Knight of CoTP! A very big surprise! Guild Focus! It’s all about the stronghold, as soon as you are able, incorporate doing the two quests you get from the Stronghold that reward Adventurer’s Shard of Power. Generally they go along with your level questing: Kill X npcs in your level appropriate zone, and finish 4xquest s in that zone, so you do them both at the same time it’s cake! The shards only come from a few places in the game, are small in quantity, but needed for many of the projects to build a stronghold. If you want help breezing through you zone and quests, do ask, Leadership is happy to help you slaughter the bad guys to get the good stuff! Newest Members! Please welcome our newest members! Helja @twosouler777 2017-3-24 Flynn Gladdenstone @mb645#5817 207-3-27 Daron Angelfall @michebass 17-3-31 Dara @scrap45 17-3-31 Malacor @marcjt20 17-4-1 That’s all for now! Enjoy your weekend!
    15. http://www.mmo-central.com/2017/03/02/exclusive-neverwinter-aberrant-gorgon-mount-giveaway/ Exclusive Neverwinter Aberrant Gorgon Mount Giveawayby Andy "Zap-Robo" Barber | Mar 2, 2017 | Articles | 0 Comments With Neverwinter‘s Cloaked Ascendancy expansion launched on PC, we once again have an opportunity to team up with Perfect World and Cryptic Studios to bring you another mount – exclusively for PC players. Plus, this one is Aberrant (because who wants just a regular mount?) The Aberrant Gorgon is a Rare Mount (Blue) that grants 110% mounted movement speed and three Insignia slots to gain additional powers. The codes will be given out on a raffle basis – there are 50 codes available – and you have until Friday 10th March to enter for the drawing below. Codes are functional for the PC release only. Winners will be automatically notified with their key and redemption instructions.
    16. Greetings Traveler! Looking for a better guild of adventurers? Need help or feel the call to give back to those in need as a leader? Look within our halls and find yourself among equals. The Covenant of the Phoenix is a multi-game guild that maintains high standards of game play while still maintaining a close-knit family atmosphere. The guild was founded on the principles of loyalty, honor, and brotherhood. We thrive because online adventure games are more fun in the company of kindred spirits. We have forums, voice server, knowledgeable and experienced leadership, who like to have fun playing together for the betterment of the community. If these things interest you, you are welcome to join us! Contact Recruiters in game: Rami Mandalore@levitus666 , Krythereon@MrTriptyl We look forward to seeing you around our Stronghold hearth.
    17. The Cloaked Ascendancy is Live!By Julia (nitocris83) Tue 21 Feb 2017 02:30:42 PM PST Greetings Adventurers! After your adventures in the frozen lands in the North, it’s time to come back home to Neverwinter. Hang up your cloak, have your laundry done, and tuck away your newfound treasures. Enjoy the warmth, both in weather and the welcome of old friends like Knox. It’s a time to relax and reflect, and to drink a toast to absent friends. But heroes in Neverwinter never rest for long… Trouble is stirring. Rumors of magic and uprisings fill the taverns. And now Lord Neverember is calling upon adventurers to help reclaim the old River District. It’s time to pull the boots back on and see what’s happening to your city! Let’s dig into what we’ll see in this new expansion, The Cloaked Ascendancy: New Adventure Zone: The River District - Lord Neverember has made good his claim to reclaim and expand upon Neverwinter by opening up the old rich merchants and nobles neighborhoods of the River District. Now he’s looking for adventurers like you to help him secure the port and land. By establishing guard posts around the River District you can help recover wealth from abandoned mansions and crypts through excavation sites. The trouble is, he’s not the only one with the idea. Several powerful wizards have laid claim to the River District, and even worse - one of them has claimed sovereignty over Neverwinter! The River District comes complete with a new campaign with alternate paths towards completion. More Treasure Hunting! The River District is full of possibilities and hidden treasures. All you have to do is find a map! Ships ahoy! The opening up of the River District port means lots of opportunities for trading. Protect treasure caravans and barter with travelling merchants willing to trade fresh supplies of Voninblood and other sought after treasures in exchange for resources from the River District. New Skirmish: The Illusionist’s Gambit! This crazy skirmish has you battling wits and blade against the mind of a mad illusionist. Be ready for anything- then play it again and be ready for something else! The skirmish has dozens of play combinations. Go test your luck! The Return of the Spellplague Caverns! Refurbished and remastered, we’ve cleared out all the corpses of adventurers gone by, and reopened both standard and Master versions. New challenges, new boss fights and of course new epic loot. The Mimic King compels you! For everything mentioned above and more, follow the quest path to these blogs: New Zone: River DistrictMonsters of the River District Instances of the River District River District Environment New Ascendant Weapons Updated and new dungeons Spell Plague Caverns New Skirmish: The Illusionist's Gambit and updated Enviroment Many-Starred Lockbox Thanks for reading, welcome home and look me up in the Driftwood Tavern - I’ll buy you a drink! Thomas “Mimic King” Foss Lead Designer Discuss on the official forum thread!
    18. The link shows the dice rolling chart and what combo you can get based on your class. The dice rolls are as random as most people believe. Basically, it comes down to stat combinations. You determine what stat combo you want and then just roll the dice until that combo comes up. http://neverwinter.gamepedia.com/Ability_Score_Rolling
    19. The Siege of NeverWinter Event! The Cult of the Dragon has amassed their forces once more to lay siege to the city of Neverwinter! Sharpen those blades and prepare to defend the city in the updated Siege of Neverwinter! This invasion is happening only on PC. The Siege will begin: Thursday, January 19 at 7:30AM PT (or after maintenance) The Siege will end: Thursday, February 2 at 7:30AM PT (No Last Chance Vendor) There is much to be done if you want to save Neverwinter from utter destruction, these efforts include: Cult Invasion - The Cult was lucky enough to exploit a crack in Neverwinter’s defenses and now they are attacking with everything they’ve got! Fortunately, the craftsman of Neverwinter have banded together in order to help rebuild the city’s barricades. Protect the workers to ensure their work gets finished and the Cult’s forces are pushed back! Counter Attack - Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Charge into battle against the Cult of the Dragon and decimate their forces! Dragon Attack - The Cult of the Dragon believes that they have a few scaley aces up their purple sleeves: dragons. Unfortunately for them, the city of Neverwinter has you. Clash with the dragons outside the city walls and forge your legacy in blood and fire! With this Siege of Neverwinter event will come the chance to obtain Dragon Hoard Coins, Dragon Hoard Coffers, as well as other items used in the Tyranny of Dragons campaign. All of these items will aid you in your quest to defeat the Cult of the Dragon once and for all and help prevent them from unleashing Tiamat! Writ of Commendations – A daily currency for the event earned by completing daily quests. You may also purchase this item from the Zen Market. Dragon Cult Insignia – A repeatable currency for the event earned by participating in the Heroic Encounters. Medal of Heroism – An additional currency earned by participating in Heroic Encounters, turning in Defenders supplies or via the Zen Market. The updated Medal of Heroism Pack now contains 10 medals; up from seven. Neverwintan Defender’s Pack – Medals of Heroism (found in the Wealth Bag) can be turned in for the Defender’s Pack, which includes one Writ of Commendation, four Dye Packs from Siege of Neverwinter and a chance at rare items such as the Battlefield Medic Companion. Event Rewards For valiantly defending the city of Neverwinter, adventurers can receive these rewards: Neverwinter Champion’s Charger - A powerful and fearless warhorse, this trusty charger served well during the Siege of Neverwinter. Dragon Hoard Coins - A currency used in the Tyranny of Dragons campaign. This can be used in fulfilling campaign tasks and contributing to the Tiamat Hoard reclamation effort. Dragon Hoard Coffers - Another currency used in the Tyranny of Dragons campaign. This can also be used in fulfilling campaign tasks and contributing to the Tiamat Hoard reclamation effort. Quartermaster Enchantment - This utility enchantment causes enemies to occasionally drop a bag of salvage. Event Companions - Neverember Guard Archer and Battlefield Medic Event Fashion - Battlefield Medic’s Ensemble and Injured Survivor's Outfit Event Dye Packs - Veteran and Dragonslayer’s Dye Pack
    20. Just some FYI for us older NW players, the previous Gateway is no longer working, because Cryptic took it down permanently due to hacking, full article to follow: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/neverwinter/news/detail/10161142-gateway-closing-down Greetings adventurers, It is with some regret that we are announcing the closing of Gateway for Neverwinter. This was not an easy call. The reason is that the current Gateway website has been shown to be susceptible to several aggressive botting activities. We’ve tried multiple times to stop the botting. Each time, it’s worked for a while, but then the botters have found new ways to break Gateway. Such incidents not only affect Gateway but greatly live game performance in Neverwinter, affecting players on the live shard. The constant vigilance to counter these continual activities ties up resources that we feel are better used in creating content for you in Neverwinter. We are thankful for all of you that have participated in Gateway and Sword Coast Adventures, and we don’t want to leave you empty handed, so in the next build release planned for next week we are giving all player accounts that have recently used Gateway a Mini Apparatus of Gond companion that will be claimable in their mailbox.
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