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New Server Info

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Well boys and girls, it's that time again. A16 is around the corner, and it's about high time to get used to the game controls/mechanics again. Below is the connection info for the new server, PM me via message boards for the PW

Name: Eendy's Playhouse
Port: 27300


Random gen
Oxide enabled
18 hours light
walk day run night
air drop markers on
difficulty 4
drop backpack only on death

Edited: 7/14/17 updated connection information

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We are writing you this email to inform you that your game server is being transferred to a new machine.

** Upgrading to new server hardware. **

What data is preserved in the transfer?

  • Save data - DON'T SEE YOUR DATA? Please create a ticket or import from the backup/restore tool.
  • All settings set via the control panel interface
  • For non-ARK/Conan/Rust customers we will make our best effort to transfer all save data, config, and some basic logs (and any mods you may have had less than 1GB in size)

What data is NOT preserved in the transfer?

  • Any configuration file manually changed via FTP will NOT be transferred due to the overwhelming complexity involved
  • Any plugin that you uploaded
  • Any other file you have uploaded via FTP that is not core game files or save data

It is highly recommended that you log in to FTP before the transfer and preserve any configuration, plugins, etc to re-upload after the transfer is completed.

When will the transfer take place?

Thursday June 23 at 10AM Pacific Standard Time - you will see a Staff Intervention Lock on your game server. This could last up to 6 hours as it takes us time to move things over.

Why is my game server being transferred?

Upgrading to higher performance machine (newer SSD, newer generation processor, better DDoS protection) Requires IP:Port change.

What happens after my game server is transferred?

You should go into your Modify Server Config tool (via the control panel) and click the Save button (Jump to Bottom first) to get the config settings back (does not include manual settings made via FTP as stated above)

You will receive 1 free day of service for the downtime issued on the date of transfer. We apologize for the delay.

Hardware issue, prolonged network/datacenter issue, or outdated servers being replaced with new hardware are the most frequent reasons.

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I'll modify my post with the server info when i get it.

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Then transfer is complete and the server is ready to go again, connection info is the same.

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The Server IP did change, you can find it here:


If you need the password, send me a message on steam

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I played STO for a while and joined the SWTOR group for a few months. I have been pretty idle as a member though. I am currently big into playing 7DTD and was wondering if the group is active on this game? 

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I've been fooling around again, but mostly waiting for a16 to drop...



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A16 dropped yesterday.  Because of the MASSIVE amount of added content it was determined to be best to completely wipe the server and start everyone and everything from scratch.


Baqar -  you can find me on steam as Caeadwen, i am on 7dtd normally in the evenings after 8pm EST


New server inform updated in original post, PW is the same.

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