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    Found 11 results

    1. https://www.worldsadrift.com/ Worlds Adrift is a sandbox MMO with a potentially unlimited universe. Crew up or go at it alone. The objective of the game is to survive, expand your knowledge, gather resources and build the mightiest sky ship capable of withstanding the harshest conditions and other players. Although it is early access and a few things annoyed I found myself strangely addicted to this game and played for several days straight alone and with others. The game play is far better when running with others as the task of gathering, building, and defending your ship is much easier when shared. However, the more people in your crew the less knowledge you obtain as you must share it. The islands are created by players in a separate program and imported into the game. The transition between islands is seamless while in game. Essentially the game is broken up into many types of zones with multiple islands and you must transition between zones by facing dangerous hazards. The ship mechanics are very difficult to master. Your design must be aerodynamic while also being able to fit all the components you want and need on it. Weight and shape matter, including weight on the back, front, and sides. You start out with basic sail ship which is quiet and can get you from island to island but eventually you get engines that let you speed up but require fuel and are quite noisy. As you explore the islands you scan different things, plants, resources, and knowledge caches which give you knowledge that you can spend to unlock recipes for different ship components. In addition to that you can find treasure chests that contain recipes that are added without having to spend points on it. While everyone can get credit for scanning the items the treasure chests must be shared making a bigger crew take longer for everyone to learn components. The game has one of the most entertaining movement mechanics I have ever seen. A grappling hook allows you to climb and swing your away around the islands or across ships. But fall to far or to fast and you will hurt yourself. There are not any survival mechanics but the only way to heal your wounds is to eat food you get from cooking recipes or picking berries. Quality of resources matter, so finding and obtaining the highest quality is important. However if you die you lose everything in your inventory which other players can pick up. You essentially need to create a floating fortress to stock pile resources to build the best ship possible. If you ship gets boarded or taken over you start over from scratch on whatever island you happen to be marooned on.
    2. Greetings, people of Covenant again! My name is Daniel and our team is now working on a game called "Life is Feudal: MMO". I think you know and remember what is Life is Feudal MMO Forgot? Ok, I can try to remind you You guys are widely known across the Net as a strong and amicable guild, we would love to see you settle over one part of our medieval realm. I'm sure we will create a strong community and will get a lot of pleasure from the game together. If you all guys interested in participating, please, respond in this thread or send me an e-mail on always-reply@lifeisfeudal.com
    3. does anyone play path of exiles its like diablo 2 with better graphics and fishing.
    4. Black Desert Online Releases March 3, Second Closed Beta Registration Begins February 18th Pre-orders and second closed beta You have until February 26th, 08:00 UTC to place your pre-order, if you want to benefit from the early access and special item packages. Start of the second Closed Beta sign-up. Players can register here for a chance to participate in the second and final Closed Beta Test, set to begin February 18th. Those who pre-ordered the Explorer's or Conqueror's package need not register and will be automatically granted access. To keep you occupied in the meanwhile, don't forget the free Character Creator. Available as a free download, the tool allows you to import your characters into both the full Black Desert Online game and the second Closed Beta Test. Download the Character Creator here
    5. Trusin

      Return to Salem

      Salem: The crafting MMO Sandbox Permadeath Crafting / society Unique Skill / stat systems I did a write up last year on Salem and I really enjoyed the game. It received no interest but I like doing these write ups anyway so here we go. Many months ago the game changed ownership and the new developers have been consistently patching the game almost every month. Here is the development road map and how far they have come since acquisition. Due to these updates and changes I have returned to Salem. If you would like to join me it is a quick free download http://www.salemthegame.com/. The game was developed in Java and is set in the early colonial America time period. You are an explorer to the new world and you must learn new skills in order to survive. You start in Europe before setting sail to the "New World". This is how you pick your name, gender, hair style & color. The options are limited but it didn't really take much away from the game for me. After learning a few childish things I set sail for Providence. The world is permanent but also procedurally generated. So as players explore the unknown the land mass gets larger and larger but will exist for the next player to trek over it. So if one player explores a new area and digs a hole or builds a house the next player will see the world altered like that. The land mass is constricted by the "fog" As you get farther and farther away from the main town you get into a black thick fog. Living in the fog drains your life but staying near light I am told reduces the effect. It is possible to settle in the fog and I would call that the games Hard mode. My goals when I first arrive are to explore and study the environment, learn some new skills and scout out an appropriate location for my first camp.
    6. Sarktastik

      Archlord 2

      This game looks like it might be worth testing. According to Massively's Beta Watch they will be starting beta tests sometime in April. I didn't play they original Archlord but this one seems pretty cool. Let me know if anyone else is interested in checking this out. Archlord 2 Gameplay
    7. http://my.mmosite.com/2939211/blog/item/verything_you_need_to_know_about_mounts_inblack_desert_online.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgcoJhkAw9g#t=306
    8. So, I know this is branching off from a big majority of what most people enjoy, but I know off a game where you can play Pokemon, on the PC, in a mmorpg format. It's just like the Third Generation games (If anyone knows what I am talking about.) It's not that popular, but I would like to know who in the guild, if given an opportunity, would enjoy seeing a game like this and possibly being able to play it? Any questions feel free to hit me up.
    9. So I was checking out steam one day and ran into this game I never heard of before called Fallen earth. The game immediately reminded me of fallout. I'm sure it has for many people. So I downloaded it and wanted to try it out since it's free to play. At first it was kinda weird, getting used to the controls and the UI. But after a little poking around I found this game to be quite entertaining. I named my character Robert Neville from the book I am Legend, but tried to make him look as closely as possible to Will Smith. As soon as I started the game I saw a scientist and immediately killed him. I punched him to death by flailing arms everywhere until he died. He then died in the most awkward way possible. Head first into the ground with his legs still firmly planted on the floor. It was hilarious! Especially since his death looked like it got delayed. I was then instructed by a disembodied voice that I was clone used for organ harvest and to I guess to create an army? So i pushed some random buttons on a terminal and it opened a door in front of me. Walked out the door and was told the base or whatever was under attack. Mean while I found an axe lunged into this guys skull and picked it up. Oddly enough his entire body disappeared as If I just taken it as well. After a few random kills with my new axe I finally got my first gun. A prehistoric rifle that only shots up to 50 meters. After doing some close ranged sniping. I found a man complaining the whole place was going to explode and the only way of escape is threw a tunnel. So after taking 3 falling damage for jumping into the tunnel I got attacked by three deformed looking gollums and rode off on the slowest and smallest ATV I've ever seen. The ride was extremely short due to the fact that I drove right into the place where the bombs were placed and it exploded as soon as I got there. I got teleported to a new area where the game starts to open up a bit more. After 4 hours in total of game time I have to say I am quite entertained with this game. I fell into a well only to find out it extends to an underground bar with terrible music. But still cool nonetheless. If anyone is still playing this game or if you want to try it out, do it! Its huge, very atmospheric, community is helpful, sandbox, combat is fun, and exploring is interesting. Steam: PG50 steam named Frosty.
    10. Hi All, We have created a short survey about World of Tanks to gather some more information about what players find appealing in MMO games. To do this, we need your help! It should only take you a few minutes to complete, so hopefully you will find some time to share your experiences with us. Importantly, the information that you will provide will stay anonymous, so we don't ask for your name or stuff like that, just for your thoughts ;-). For the survey, please check this link: Thank you in advance for your time and response! Kind regards, D.W.J. Laurijsen Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Tilburg University The Netherlands
    11. http://www.thewarz.com/index.html The game has been in development since before DayZ was, and it looks like we could see a release by the end of this year. It says MMO, but the game is single purchase. It looks like they will be renting out servers to the players (or play on their open/free ones), as well as a transaction shop. At this point they tell us anything you can buy in the store can be found in the game world. No clue if this is limited use items like weapons with durability/life and must be repaired... or if it is gear/items you lose on death. Expansions are expected to be free, and the game overall is supposed to be a sandbox. No quests, just a world full of zombies where you have to survive with other players.
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