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    1. Fallout 76 is live right now. It wasn’t supposed to go live until midnight last night but it’s arrived early so a few of us started our journey through Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic MMORPG yesterday. So far, it is playing more like a Fallout 4 co-op with a new ((much larger) map than the pvp mayhem some were expecting. I did run into a few brave souls who wanted to tangle early on, but not much came of it as there are protocols that keep open pvp from being too deadly until after you reach level 5. I crashed twice in 10 hours, and my 4 yr old system held up nicely on ultra graphic
    2. Fallout 76's full release date was announced at Bethesda's E3 conference, and it's coming this year on November 14th, 2018 on PC Now, please feel free to rewind your gaming memory to June, 2015... ARK: Survival Evolved's early release showed up on Steam, and surprised the heck out of most CotP members, including myself. Despite the server stability and networking issues, the game was quite a hit with CotP members and certainly made a lasting impact on this community. While Fallout 76 is not sneaking up on anyone who doesn't live under a rock, I am personally hoping for another C
    3. Survival, PVP, MMORPG Take to the skies and compete over resources as you expand your floating base. Add more ships to create fleets. Design, Construct, Pilot, Gun, Repair, and fight are all jobs needed on the flotilla. With the release of the upcoming update "Alliance" it is a great time to hop in as they are catering to larger groups of teamed players. I will be playing casually in the General gaming 1 channel of discord. Come join me and help dominate the skies! Server: Darat (US) Discord: COTP - General Gaming 1 Message: Trus for invite or find Trusin in D
    4. It's official, COTP and it's allies on "NA West - Muspelheim" have won the first round of our Rend server! Between COTP, our Illegitimus allies, and some randoms on our faction team - we crushed the opposition on our server. By the last week the other two factions had gone into defensive mode because there was really no way for them to catch up to our momentum! Last night following the final Reckoning of the server, our characters "ascended" and the server was reset for round 2. Tonight everyone on the server started from scratch, but as we had won the previous night we received more
    5. Starting tomorrow, July 31st, a new survival-genre game will be hitting Early Access. We have some people who have already been testing it out in Alpha, and thus far I've heard it has some serious potential. I'm guessing we could fill out a 20-person team to really give this game a shot. In fact, Creaky from Illegitimus (an ally of COTP) has challenged us to put together a team to face off against Illegitimus on a private server! So what is the game exactly? So far it looks like a mix between survival games like Ark, Conan Exiles, 7 Days to Die, etc. and a similar model to what we ho
    6. A few of us have come across the Return of Reckoning server for the only game War hammer online. It has been a pleasant surprise find for us. The server runs very well and the population is very alive and well, with a dev team working to improve on the old game. If anyone is interested come join us! it has been a blast so far!! https://www.returnofreckoning.com/ Guild has been made and we are on destro side, hope to see some more people join us. If more interest is generated we will make this an official active chapter.
    7. until
      Guild fight night at Covenant City. Once per month Fight Night will be a Tournament Night.
    8. HOLIDAYS, COMBAT TWEAKS AND A FOV FIX ( April the first is the day of two holidays in the western world. We decided to give a nod to them by adding a little of our own feel of them in-game! We’ve added a long-awaited fix for the horse stamina system, along with a few tweaks to the horses’ combat mechanics along with combat mechanics in general. The FOV console/mod exploit is no more, so you can no longer expect to get sniped from a couple of -ahem- not-so-favorable players. Oh! We’ve also patched in the ability to rename unmovable objects on your base. That is the ba
    9. The Covenant of the Phoenix, along with its allies, defeated the 100+ strong Chinese army last night in CotP's first large scale entanglement involving Life is Feudal's battle system. The war is literally for the entire Buyan server. With most European and American based clans, kingships and guilds living in the northern regions putting aside their existing arguments in favor of dealing with the massive invasion of Chinese clans and influence, the Warband Allance was proactive in throwing down the gauntlet and looking to deal a blow to CPLA's city claim. The risk is certain. Win, a
    10. We live in the sub-arctic region of this world, so we knew Winter was coming. However, with all the unknowns that winter brings, we still were not entirely sure we had done enough over the warm period to warrant a feeling toward comfortable preparedness. We were certain we would not run out of food this year, which was good, but we were not so sure about our flax storage, and even less about our storage for straw. It is a different feeling for sure, to try and predict what our needs will be five months down the road. It is quite exhilarating to have that thought process be a part of our gu
    11. Lancer is probably the hardest combat profession to play, and it’s even harder to play in our terrain. But Lancers are the king of the battlefield who dominate archers and infantry, can freely move around the battle field and have a horse who takes all your damage. So, if you are willing to tough it out and learn this profession this guide is for you. The Pros and Cons of Lancers: Pros: Mobile Anti-Infantry Anti-Archer Extremely high damage Able to run people down Hardly take any damage while mounted Cons: Difficult to play Gets
    12. Azog's Lancer Guide Lancer is probably the hardest combat profession to play, and it’s even harder to play in our terrain. But Lancers are the king of the battlefield who dominate archers and infantry, can freely move around the battle field and have a horse who takes all your damage. So, if you are willing to tough it out and learn this profession this guide is for you. The Pros and Cons of Lancers: Pros: Mobile Anti-Infantry Anti-Archer Extremely high damage Able to run people down Hardly take any damage while mount
    13. Our adventure thus far... As we prayed to the gods, we knew we could not stay. All of our work was for naught and we would have to abandon our village in hopes that the gods would bless our next location, that is, if we lived to see it. No one could have foreseen the frozen hell that we walked into. First it was the wolves, then the bears, then we ran out of food and then, winter hit. Eating roots dug from the frozen ground while living in huts made of branches and dirt was not what we had envisioned freedom to be....but it was better than the galleys, and it was enough to keep us ali
    14. Due to the nature of the events of the evening I was unable to acquire any visual aids to go along with this story so I will do my best to fill in the visuals with Disney Movie Pictures. The evening began as most evenings do. The forges were firing, the tanning tubs were bubbling and you could hear Vance's horses trotting around nearby. The air was cold and frigid and there was a light snow making the dark night even darker. It wasn't enough to halt the progress as the Phoenix crew slaved through the night marching forward progressing the development of the settlement.
    15. As you all know, on certain planets you get titles/achievements for how many player characters you defeat on a planet. We have been working on creating alliances with certain guilds to keep gen chat pugging to a minimum. Last October, we worked with another guild for the Scarebear achievement on Oricon. It was a blast. With that in mind: Unchained Wrath is putting together a PvP kill party together for CZ-198 (1980 Player kills). This is how this works. A pub side and imp side party put together an ops group and take turns killing the other side while the other side sits armor-less and doe
    16. https://www.worldsadrift.com/ Worlds Adrift is a sandbox MMO with a potentially unlimited universe. Crew up or go at it alone. The objective of the game is to survive, expand your knowledge, gather resources and build the mightiest sky ship capable of withstanding the harshest conditions and other players. Although it is early access and a few things annoyed I found myself strangely addicted to this game and played for several days straight alone and with others. The game play is far better when running with others as the task of gathering, building, and defending your ship is much eas
    17. There are two kinds of weapon attack feats: primary and secondary. Primary - their icons have a light border and they are slotted in the lower left three boxes of the bar in UI. Secondary - their icons have a dark border and they are slotted in the lower right three boxes of the bar in UI Dev Points (my term) You "pay" for a feat with the stamina cost and time spent activating it, and for that "purchase" you get a mix of damage factor and effects (which the developers have a bunch of math for to keep every feat balanced in cost and effect so I call the currency of paying and purch
    18. Hi and welcome to the post that tells you everything you need to do to win in pvp every time. Just kidding since this is a page-long guide that applies to every character with any possible mix of feats and skills by necessity it avoids specifics and instead focuses you in a generally successful direction. You'll have to find the fine details for your particular build in another place oriented to that, but you will have a concrete goal in mind to help you sift through the possibilities. We need to understand the concept of differentials. DIFFERENTIALS A differential is simply the range
    19. Hey all, I'm trying to get the season 4 rewards for ranked PVP. Anyone want to do grouped? Anyone doing solo?
    20. With the recent success of Frontlines Fridays I would like to call all Maelstrom pirates to duty since there seems to be only tree hugger Adders participating. So if you're part of the best GC in the game and would like to participate in the most fun PvP event there is then join me on Friday nights at 9pm EST for Frontlines.
    21. Sarktastik

      Archlord 2

      This game looks like it might be worth testing. According to Massively's Beta Watch they will be starting beta tests sometime in April. I didn't play they original Archlord but this one seems pretty cool. Let me know if anyone else is interested in checking this out. Archlord 2 Gameplay
    22. Hello All... Just wanted to create a topic where we could list current bugs and known issues we find: My first one and a good one: Screenshots are preferred. Almost anything PvP oriented or Cyrodiil related is good!
    23. forums.elderscrollsonline.com/discussion/125176/alliance-war-future-plans-and-update Personally I like these changes. I do enjoy being able to guest to friends and guildies, so hope that doesn't go away.
    24. This is more of an informative poll to help your fellow guildmates know where people will be at. Choose whichever you like, and no one will hold it against you. They'll just try to collect AP from your corpse.
    25. You can take items from crates etc as normal but instead now you are stealing items. Items will have value if they are stolen. To steal something, you need to be hidden. If a guard caught you stealing, you can pay a bounty but it remove all your stolen goods. You can also murder NPCs. If you cannot pay a bounty when caught by a guard, you can try to flee and guards will attack you. You can also be guards and hunt down players with bounty – active world PvP. Cause the eyes of my ranger are upon you Any wrong you do their gonna see When you're in Wayrest look behind you Cause that's
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